Write/Submit A Post/Content Or Articles To Mynaijalite


Write/Submit A Post/Content Or Articles To Mynaijalite

Hi! Are you an incredible writer? Would you truly like to contact a mass crowd? At this point search no more, you are at the perfect spot. Here www.mynaijalite.com.ng blog, we truly acknowledge guest post, contents , articles on lifestyle, relationship, tech, health, stories and also poetry, if it’s identified with what we blog about.

Feel free to send us any of the aforementioned, including news that you would want us to post or publish on MYNAIJALITE, we will surely get it treated with utmost respect ,get it published/ posted and send you the link.

Credit will be given to you for every story, article or content you submit on our blog(your name will be included in the Post as the writer).

To write/Submit A Post/Content Or Articles To Mynaijalite, see Our terms and conditions below:

Note: Guest posts are unpaid.

1• Post composed for publicizing designs are not acknowledged as guest posts, they are fairly viewed as supported posts.

2• The post must be 100% unique.

3• The post must be wealthy in quality, sufficiently long to be known as a blog entry.

4• Use of one picture or screen capture is acknowledged.

5• Posts with insignificant links and links to sketchy sites won’t be acknowledged. The links ought not be more than two.

6• The subject of your post should never have been treated on this blog or other blogs

Note: We claim all authority to alter and change the post, before distributing it and to dismiss the post on the off chance that it doesn’t meet the previously mentioned rules.

In the event that you have enthusiasm for composing a guest post, articles, stories, poetry for us, send your post to Mynaijalite@gmail.com
Presently you’ll show up your