Why Do Women Wear Waist Beads?

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What Are Waist Beads?

Waist beads, also known as belly beads, waistline beads are accessory that is made up of small glass beads on a string or wire, they consist of crystals, stones and charms. They are worn around the waist. They are in different sizes, colors, shape. And each colors has it’s significance.

Wearing of waist beads can be traced down to west African culture, among their women. However, as the world evolves other part of the world is embracing the practice.

Traditionally, and in practical terms, beads have been worn by African women as a sign of sexuality, attraction, fertility, sensuality and feminity.

A woman wearing waist beads
A woman wearing waist beads

Naturally, waist beads are designed to be worn by women. Bead means different things in different culture, also mean differently with people. 

Reasons Why Women Wears Beads?

Most people don’t know the significance of bead wearing. You will be surprise when you ask some women that practices waist bead wearing why they wear waist bead, they dont know.

Sadly, it is painful when you don’t know the significance of what you are wearing and how it originated.

The question of why women wears waist bead has been a very contentious topic that is almost in every average Nigerian  lips, around this part of the world.

Many might have been itching to ask the question, why women wear beads especially in this part of the world.

Every one has their own opinion about waist beads. Some men find it cool and sexy, while others are afraid of women wearing waist bead. 

Having related with some women, I was able to gather some information regarding why beads are worn by women(both the good and the bad).

Here are some of the reasons women wears bead.

1. Rite Of Passage

Waist beads have been worn in some culture, as a sign of maturity or growth. It’s a sign of rite of passage, a transition from childhood to adulthood.

In addition, in some cultural background waist bead has been seen as a symbol of womanhood, when a girl child encounter her first period. It is a ceremonial right of passage to womanhood.

2. Tradition

Waist bead wearing is a tradition in some parts of the world especially in African where it originated from. It is recorded that in west African, Ghana, it is a tradition for babies to be adorned with waist beads during their naming ceremonies. However, a new stage of life as it is believed occurs when she outgrows a pair of waist beads.

Waist beads varies in colors too, like my friends mums village which is Esan, the child wear normal beads which is different from the ones adult wears. They also have the ones that the royal family wears.

3. Identification

In some part of Africa and Nigeria some people wear it to identify wealth or royalty like anklet. This distinguishes them from others. For instances, there are beads for princesses and other women of royalty to make them outstanding or set them apart from others.

4. To Attract Opposite Sex

Beads balances waist, it makes the waist sexy and attractive. Some women wears bead to attract opposite sex.

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However, most men are turn on once they see waist bead on a woman’s waist.

5. To Check Weight

Most girls wear waist beads so that they can check their weight. When a girl gets slimmer or loses weight, the waist bead tends to loosen a bit, but if she gains weight, it tends to get tighter around her waist. Simply put, they see waist bead as a tool to analyse their weight.

6. As Charms

I’ve heard most people say waist beads are charms. They are fortified and then worn by ladies to attract their male victims.

7. Adornment

Most ladies wear them for adornment just the same way they wear other jewelries. They just adore the stuff on their waist, or the fact that most persons just like the feeling on them when they are having sex, it makes noise.

8. Fashion

Some sees it as fashion, just the way we wear neck chains and bracelet. Just to beautify the waist.

9. Protection

It is no news that most Africans believe in fetish things. A lady told me that in this part of the world, women wears waist bead as a way of protection from spiritual forces. Meaning, some of the waist bead they wear are fortified to ward off every evil attack coming there way.

However, in the spiritual aspect they are used mostly by harlots either to protect themselves from evil men or to get more money from them or strength for sexual pleasure.

10. Some Love The Sound(Noise) It Produces

A lady told me she wears her own for fancy. She said she just love the noise it makes and she feel sexy about it when she wears it.

She also made me to understand that she wears 4 so when they touch each other it produces one nice noise she like. And she always admire her waist in the mirror because  of it.

What Do The Various Colours And Stones Of Waist Beads Mean?

When it comes to waist beads, there are a variety of hues and stones to choose from, each with its own meaning.

As a result, you can choose to wear a hue with a significant meaning.

Colour Meanings Of Waist Beads

Red represents vitality, bravery, passion, confidence

Blue symbolizes Healing, insight, truth, harmony

Brown denotes stability and the earth.

Purple symbolizes wisdom, spirituality, and royalty.

Yellow represents, clarity, wisdom, awareness, joy, energy

The colour White, represents light, purity, truth

Fertility, prosperity, abundance, healing, hope all associated with the colour green.

Meanings Of Stones And Charms.

Protection against negativity using the evil eye.

Quartz has a high degree of clarity and intensifies the effects of other crystals.

Green aventurine brings good fortune, wealth, and prosperity.

The Hamsa is a symbol of protection from bad luck or evil.

Rose quartz is associated with love, healing, and compassion.

Peace, truth, and wisdom are all associated with lapis lazuli.

In conclusion, there may be other reasons of wearing waist beads that we didn’t mention here or know. The burning question still remains “why do women wear waist beads.? Ladies, why do you wear waist beads?

Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section.

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