Why A Married Person Has Not Cheated?

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Right from time in memorial cheating has existed. Cheating is not a new wave, it has existed as long as marriage.

No matter how civilization has blinded our very eyes and covered our faces, the fact remains that cheating is a stigma. As shameful as it is, cheating in marriage is a very painful experience, even in our relationships, it is evil.

If you ask, most people would tell you no one would want to be cheated on,  but is very rampant in the society where we find ourselves these days.

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Why Do Partners Cheat In A Relationship/Marriages.

The reason for cheating might be a very complicated or complex one. Every relationship, marriages have their own values, peculiarities, uniqueness.  Therefore, cheating may mean different thing to different persons.

Flirting with someone you are not in a relationship or married to could be cheating to some persons , cheating might not be only a sex thing . However, hence there is no one general reasons accredited to cheating within relationships and marriages.

The truth remains that not all men or women cheat. There are tons of men and women who have never cheated on their spouses and never will oblige to do that. You might have asked these questions severally “What is the drive that drives people to cheat”? “Why do partners cheat”?

If you begin to interview people in relationships today, especially married people why some of them involve in cheating, trust me they would give you reason(s). There are many reasons why people cheat ranging from infidelity to sexual starvation, not being satisfied sexually, lack of communication, revenge mission, loneliness, alcohol, anger,  emotional abuse, financial pressure, unmet needs, it could be emotional void left unfilled by their partner, feeling of being neglected, sexual variety etc.

Frustration in marriage could also lead to cheating. Some people will even tell you boldly without mincing words that they cheat because they want to. But, the big question here is, irrespective of all this, is cheating justifiable? No matter how we try to define it, paint it or defend it cheating is never right , therefore it can not be  justified.

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In as much as cheating is not a solution to your relationship’s problems, people still engage in it. One thing about cheating is that it can mar even a blissful relationship, marriage. The happiest relationship and marriages may be rocked due to cheating. It can destroy a marriage.

Basically, humans wants are insatiable. Believe it or not there is always a desire to want some more even when things are going well. We often do not give room to put our eggs in just one basket. Our seeds are therefore put in many places. Self gratification is natural. Money, sex, food are also part of the want depending on the priority. Sadly, there is no formula to stop anyone from cheating. There are things you could do to improve on your own relationship but you see cheating, it is a personal thing.

Surprisingly, something may not actually be wrong before your partner engage in cheating. You could be doing things right in your relationship or marriage and your partner in any case could be enticed to cheat for reasons that steer clear of you or the nature of feelings you share.

Bear in mind that a man will only be kept if he wants to be kept. In other words the best way to stop a man from cheating is if only he doesn’t want to cheat.

Marriage comes with its bliss and also hard nuts. When it comes to relationship, marriage and the society at large, cheating has always been a scourge that won’t go away. Regardless, whether one understand this or not they would always be an iota of it in our society. There will always be one who cheats as long as humanity has the blessings of free will.

Consequently, in some cases it can be a curse, people would always cheat. Suffice to say as humans, you have to ask yourself, the person I’m in a relationship  with or the person I’m married to if they have not cheated on me what could be their reason(s)? If you are still faithful to your partner ask yourself why I’m i faithful? Is it because is something i truly believe in or because i have not been introduced to an environment that encourages it. These are actually critical questions that needs thoughtful answers.

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Why A Married Person Has Not Cheated?

Cheating can be costly. It can be distressing. It actually causes more harm than good. In our society today, there could be tons of reason why a married person has not cheated on his/her partner. But for the purpose of this article,  we will be looking at two major reasons why a partner has not cheated.  Here are 2 reasons why partners have not cheated;

1. Their Value System.

This is a very important factor. The fact still remain that some people today in this crazy world still have value. They  also have their dignity and integrity to protect.

There are people who won’t cheat because it doesn’t align with their values. They are committed , come rain come sun no matter the weather they are faithful because they have made a decision to respect such value regardless. Every one wants a partner that doesn’t play with value.

2. Opportunity.

The second reason why a married person hasn’t cheated is opportunity. Some acts of cheating can be traced down to opportunity. Sometimes, people do not cheat because the person has not gotten an opportunity or access to new women, money etc.

In our society today, more often than not you could see a broke man today, but the minute he make money everything goes south. Sometimes the things that separate one or other from a crime is opportunity.

The bitter truth is that some partners are faithful now because they have not had the opportunity to cheat. Let there be a slim chance the flood gate will open.

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