What Makes A Woman Wife Material?

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When it comes to marriage the question that pops up is what makes a good wife material? It may correlate with a good husband material too, but in this article we are only considering the female side of the matter.

What makes a woman wife material
What makes a woman wife material

The other day, I was talking to a friend who is engaged to be married. After we discussed the wedding plans, she asked me for advice about how to be a good wife. I told her that I would have to think about it, and then the idea for this post was born.

What makes a woman wife material? This question has been debated for as long as marriage has existed. In fact, I’m sure that cavemen and cavewomen had the same debate.

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There are thousands of articles on being a good wife out there, but they mostly focus on what women should do for their husbands or husbands want in their wives.

Qualities Of A Good Wife Material

The world has changed. It’s really obvious that everyone is careful. Nobody wants to make mistakes in their relationship, marriages.

Just like every other beings women have flaws too, no one is actually perfect. But the truth is that in as much as no one is perfect, we should never forget the place of decency and characters in our lives and relationships.

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However, there is always something that separate one woman from the rest of the chasing pack and put her in league of her own. Outstanding right? Such qualities are very important in every relationship.

Therefore, we are going to be looking into these qualities that makes a woman a wife material in this article.

So, without wasting time we will look at some simple 21 list qualities that make up a good wife material.

1. Good Character

Absolutely, we cant dispute the fact that physical appearance plays a major role in having someone as your partner. It is what the eyes sees first that it is attracted to or repelling to.

But that’s not all there is. Beauty may attract you to someone, but character will keep the person.

Sadly, no woman has it all. But the truth is that every man would always look out for some essential qualities in a woman before making her a wife. This goes beyond physical appearance or beauty to be precise. Character is the beauty of a woman.

2. She Supports You

Women are supposed to be a help mate to their husbands. A good wife material should be able to have this significant quality. A helper in all ramifications. A good wife supports her husband in a way that makes him feel like the man of the house

As a wife, you should be the number one support system to your husband. A good wife material is always there to give him support whenever he needs it.

Behind every successful man is a woman who is truly willing to sacrifice her time, effort to support a man who has a clear goal and vision.

One of the qualities of a good wife material is the ability to support you. If being around her makes you grow, encouraged and get fired up to actualize your dreams, then she’s a good wife material.

3. She’s A Good Cook

You might have heard this old cliche “the way to a man’s heart is through food” so many times. Yes, is old but yet gold. Men love good food.

A good wife material knows how to cook up some delicious meals that keep her husband feeling ecstatic. She enjoys cooking for her family, she’s not lazy at all as it comes to taking care of her home.

Every man actually want a woman who can cook. She must not be the best chef in the whole wide world, but every woman should know how to put things together for her family. Even if you do eat out, I want to assure you that one day you would desire to eat that home made food, probably invite your friends over for some sort of celebration.

No man would want his wife to embarrass him when it comes to cooking. Besides, not all men loves eating out.

4. Financially Wise (How to manage finance)

When considering what men look for in a woman, the places of intelligent and management shouldn’t be neglected.

There is nothing more important in a relationship than being financially wise. A woman who can manage the little money that you both have is a good wife material.

She can even support financially. She’s not after leaving extravagant life that in the end would make you going over board, beyond your means. Not too materialist

5. She Doesn’t Get Jealous Over Every Little Thing

Jealousy can be cute sometimes, but only up to a certain point. If she gets jealous over every girl who looks at you or sees around you even without you having no ulterior motives then she’s insecure.

6. She Must Be Cheerful And Full Of Fun.

What makes a woman wife material
What makes a woman wife material

This doesn’t mean that she has to be silly or frivolous but she must know how to make people smile, laugh and enjoy themselves in her presence without being raunchy or flamboyant.

7. A good Wife Is A Good Orator

A good woman should be able to stand her grounds, defend her family and say the right words at the right time.

She should be able to talk with her husband when the need arises, in a way that would make him understand what she is driving at.

8. Does Not Fight Her Husband

A woman who does not fight with her husband over petty issues is a great wife because she understands that it is not important to always win a fight/argument.

A good wife knows how to compromise so that she can avoid unnecessary arguments and disagreements with her partner (and get along well at all times).

9. Submissive

It is not enough to be a good wife in bed, that’s the least you can do. You may be very beautiful but if you are not a good wife who is submissive to her husband, every man will trade you for an ugly one who can be submissive and take care of me.

A good wife material must be submissive to her husband. A woman who is submissive is a great wife because she doesn’t need to be in charge all the time. She can let her husband lead the family as God has commanded him to do so.

10. Respect Her Husband

It is important that you respect your husband as he is your head. You should also obey him if he ask you to do something with all diligence, humility and honesty.

A woman who honors her husband is one of the greatest wives because she respects him for who he is and for what he does for her. She does not disrespect him in front of other people which is humiliating for him.

11. She’s A Loyal Woman

Loyalty: This involves having faithfulness towards your husband and not running around with other men either in thoughts, actions or words. Your loyalty should be towards your husband alone.

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A good wife material is a woman who will be there for her husband in the good, bad and ugly times. She is loving, caring, understanding and loyal to her husband.

She doesn’t nag, neither does she make her husband feel intimidated by her.

Women who are loyal are the best wives because they will not leave their husbands no matter what happens. They will stay even when another man comes along with greater riches and smarter looks.

12. She Has A Beautiful Heart

A good wife material has a beautiful heart that sees the best in people, she’s not quick to judge those around her even when they are wrong or act foolishly.

She is gentle, kind and compassionate towards others especially those who are poor and less privileged.

13. She Takes Care Of Herself

A good wife material takes care of herself physically so as to look radiant and beautiful for her husband even after many years of marriage. She respects herself enough to stay away from anything that can destroy her dignity or family name.

A good wife takes care of herself emotionally and physically so that she can take care of others emotionally and physically.

14. Trustworthiness

A good wife material should always be trustworthy such that you are true to your words and actions, never doing anything behind the back of your husband that you know will hurt him or make him look like a fool before others.

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15. Patience

You must be able to control yourself and not get angry when offended or provoked. You should also be able to cope with the situation at hand no matter how bad it is and stand firm till things get better.

16. Prayerfulness

It is very important for every wife to be a prayer warrior for her family, always praying for protection over her husband and house as well as taking charge in case of any spiritual attack from the enemy.

17. She Understand Marriage Is A Team Work

It takes two to tango. A good wife understands that marriage is about teamwork, not about winning or losing – it’s about working together for the greater good of the relationship so that both people may be better together than they would be if they were apart (and both people will be much happier this way).

18. She’s Secure

A good wife is secure enough in herself that she doesn’t need constant reassurance from her spouse about their love for one another (because she already knows deep down inside how much he loves her).

19. Keeps Her Home Together

A Good wife materials are women who are always there for their husbands and family. A woman that can keep her home is already a plus to her family.

20. They Love Their Husband Unconditionally

They are women who love their husband unconditionally. They are women who have a heart of submission towards God and their husbands.

21. Fear Of God

A good wife must have the fear of God in her heart for she shall not depart from it. A woman who fears God will also respect her husband’s wishes because he is the head of the family as Christ is the head of the church.

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We hope you enjoy reading this article what makes a woman wife material. You can drop your comments in the comment section below. Also, if you have an additional qualities that make a woman a wife material that we didn’t mention here, feel free to drop it.

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