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What is Metaverse.

During the newly launched app that was changed from Facebook to Meta, many has come in thought to the question like What is Metaverse? In this article, I’ll be explaining deeply what Metaverse is.

So let’s dive.

The Metaverse is a social and economy system across the real and virtual world, where avaters, experiences, contents and goods can move seemlessly. It is a real time living experience which never pauses or ends.

The meterverse can be called the next generation of the internet, as it present’s internet users with the opportunity to have a 3D life in the internet and the Metaverse can be accessed with a smart glass which will let you see what you’re doing in the Metaverse in your physical space, instead of a virtual reality headset.

What is Metaverse

The Metaverse  is the combination of our physical reality, augmented reality and the virtual reality, or at least that is what engineers and gaint technology companies are trying to create.

People love their lifes on the internet, from posting online, connecting with people through social media, staying in touch with our loved ones, watching your favorite shows, working online.

That vacation you wanted to go on with your family now you can go but from the comfort of your home. Yes you your eyes are not deceiving you.

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Honestly at first it might seem impossible but think again, virtual games are already available, this is a game where players become actual characters in the game this is currently possible through the use of a virtual reality headset and a console.

Many big players in the tech industry like Microsoft, Facebook, Nvidia are working to make the Metaverse a reality.

What is Metaverse

The Metaverse is limitless, allowing creators to dream up infinite spaces, which are not limited to geographic location or anything.

Some of the earliest experience in meterverse can be seen in gaming where people have built there own unique world, the best example is the video game Fortnite.

This is not just any game, it is an interactive experience rolled out by time zones during which users can decide how to experience the game.

Currently steps are being taken by technology companies, investing billions of dollars in this future to achieve this reality.

The Metaverse is aimed to be far more immersive and provide continuous experience for future internet users.

What is Metaverse: What is needed to make this a possibility?

The laws that will govern the Metaverse and enable it to blend in with our daily lives are still a work in progress, but as of currently it is understood that much like the internet of today, there will be no owners. It would ideally work as an open source system built on the community based standard.

How far into this are we?

Well a lot of Technology  that is being used are still in their early development stages and there is no saying how we humans will adapt to a 3D virtual reality in our own physical spaces. But how the Metaverse will eventually look afterwards is anyone’s guess.

The realization of the  is a question of when not of if, and that means the end of the internet that we are familiar with, as it will now be replaced by the Metaverse. Smartphones, laptops and desktops will be a thing of the old as all you need to access the Metaverse will just be your smart glass.

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