What Is Love All About In A Relationship?

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What is love all about in a relationship? That’s a question in many people’s lips. People often struggle to understand what this is, and once the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Consequently, I’m sure everyone have their opinion about the subject matter. Therefore, to define love isn’t an easy thing. However, several people have various definitions of love. To some, it is simply magical. Some other people believe that it is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep fondness. To professionals, however, love is marked by the extent to which the two involved parties are genuine with their feelings, and hence, realize a deep affection for each other. Whatever definition we ascribe to love, it is infact that feeling you get, that intoxicating feeling of completeness and sense of fulfilment you get when with a loved one.

Happy couple in love
Happy couple in love

A relationship is an element of friendship, attraction and emotional intelligence, including love, actually, mostly love.
In a world where love is a white light and births spectrums of several relationships, no one quite cares to know the depths of what a blissful relationship entails.

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What Is Love All About In Relationship.

Love is one of the most intense, and sometimes brutal experiences in the walk through a relationship. Let’s take a ride through various steps involved.

Now, let’s take a look at what love means in a relationship .

1. Love Is Knowing The Purpose.

First of, start the relationship with purpose. Several people want to be in a relationship for different reasons. While to some, a relationship is all about sex and pleasures, others are all for comfort, peace and tranquility, still, others just want companionship. So, when you go into a relationship, try to understand your reasons first. If it is purely selfish, then you should know that your feelings are not so far from lust. Know the purpose of love, it will create good atmosphere.

2. Love Is Spending Quality Time With Your Partner.

Next, when you’re finally in a relationship, to help it grow and flourish, try to spend quality time together, doing something you both enjoy. A couple who both love swimming or singing, dancing, could do so together. If we love someone, and we’re with them almost all the time, laughing and play fighting, we’re gradually moulding a strong concrete made of immovable rock – love.

3. Love Is Focus On Knowing Each Other.

Relationships are about staying together, as the cliché says, “through thick and thing”. But, how’s this possible? Several relationships collapse when the involved couple do not know themselves well enough. A relationship coach once talked about the conflicting life of the two genders. When one doesn’t understand this, love would never grow, and ultimately, the relationship would collapse.

4. Love Is A Decision.

To me, Love, in a relationship, is deciding to stick with somebody through thick and thin. I think that goes beyond infatuation and feelings. I think Love is a decision, not just a mere feeling.

5. Love Is Unconditional Acceptance.

True love in relationships means unconditional acceptance. Love without limitations. No condition attached but total acceptance and readiness to grow with your partner.

6. Love is Kind.

Some people said love is blind while some say love is kind. I will say love is kind, it is caring. You can’t love someone and don’t show care. Cares can be in different ways;
* By giving your time and attention
* By giving gifts. Yes, gift is important no matter how little you should show concern, it matters a lot.

*By service to humanity

*By words of encouragement….

Sweet, sweet talks (women likes that a lot) just burst their brain with sweet big talks) .

7. Love Should be Mutual.

In a relationship, love should be mutual, it should be reciprocated, it should be forgiving, it should be fun, it should be educating.
It shouldn’t be one-sided, it shouldn’t be coarse, it shouldn’t be a bully ground. And overall, it is not a do or die affairs.

8. Love Is Tolerance.

Love is not just care but more. It is what drive affection and the head of tolerable co-existence. kindness, giving, forgiveness and more. It is not one thing but everything.

It is the fire that sets the motion for a beautiful and lasting relationships. Hence,  tolerance is invaluable when it comes  to love. In a relationship, feeling is a starter not a keeper. Understanding, growth, forgiveness and communication and tolerance are keepers.

9. Love Is Connection.

The power of connection in a relationship can never be overemphasize. If you are in a relationship and their is no bond between you and your partner, no connection then that relationship is as good as nothing. Love is not just a feeling but a deep connection.

10. Respect.

Being comfortable with someone you love means there is a mutual respect. Outrightly, a relationship involving two people who are in love and are committed  to each other, there should be a mutual respect. If someone truly loves you they will respect you.

11. Love Is Trust.

In a relationship, love to me means trust because trust is one thing that keeps a relationship strong. Trust is one of the most important thing in a relationship. When you say you love someone you have to trust the person because if their is no trust in a relationship, that relationship will not last. And it may turn toxic. e.g the issue of going through your partners phone, or partners refusing to give their phone is because you don’t trust each others. Probably, you have one or two things you are hiding. But someone you trust, in the first place you don’t have to go through the persons phone looking for something.

12. Love Is Understanding.

Two cannot work together except they agree. Another thing is understanding. Love is supposed to be understanding.

Components Of Love.

Like a computer, complex with several wires, fused together, love is made up of several entities, incorporated as one. When we wonder what love means, we find the answer in these components.

1. Desire.

Desire could mean a variety of things. Wanting to have your partner in your arms all day long, or wanting to be around them all the time. Hence, desire could be physical or mental.

2. Communication.

Take the art of dialogue from a relationship, and you’d have a heap of ashes. Communication is a bridge, one that builds love and relationships.

3. Admiration.

Admiration could be in complimenting their physicality, or even intellect, and if you like, their personality. Actually, lots of people are quite sensitive about issues like this.

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In romantic relationships, as with so much else, it is the little things that count. The unspoken words, spoken ones, looks, or, if you like, unlooks, careless gestures, they can create a life long conflict.

Straight up, little things that matter.

“I love you”.

Perhaps, you’re one of those who think that actions speak better than words, some words, if not all, clearly ring out, than words. Sometimes, speak of love to your partner. Write them a love poem, if you wish, or just simply, say the words. Go walking down streets, hands in hands. Little touches could make pretty beautiful memories.

Expect Less And Give More.

Do not begin to make long lists of what you want your partner to do for you. Instead, write a to-do list of what goals you want to accomplish with (for) them and strive to achieve them. This way, you’ll minimize the pains of being disappointed.

Be there.

At several stages of life, try to be a useful buddy, a real help mate. The death of a partner’s relation or friend, loss of job, a fight or an argument, or perhaps, just mood swings, be a listener and offer help, or even sympathy. Sympathy and listening, give those if they are what you could offer..

One as a hundred and one pockets of advice.

Do not stop.

The easiest thing to do is to create a long list of things to do, the hardest is to accomplish and keep to them. Once you start impressing your partner, try not to stop.

Love is beautiful if you want it to be, it could be quite dangerous, only you have the ability to direct its course. If you were searching for what love means in a relationship, well, in a simple way, it means the absence of hate. Not that alone, but, also the presence of care, affection, peace, unity, cooperation and dialogue.

Love is peace!

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