What Are The Signs And Characteristics Of Fake Love ?

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Every one deserves genuine love in their life and relationship. Nobody would be happy to discover that they are in a fake relationship and are being used by others to achieve their own selfish goals. However, discovering you are in a fake relationship hurts alot. When you know someone is toying with your feelings, after investing your time, energy and other element, it hurts badly.

Take it or leave it, the sad truth is that we live in a time whereby it is hard to find genuine love. Fake love and relationship are all everywhere around us. Fake love is the order of the day.

So many might have asked this question ” is the love in my relationship real, or fake? at one point in their relationship. Also, many may not even know they are in a fake relationship because they are blinded by the whole illusion and fairytale of love that isn’t it. This is a horrible feeling.

Genuine love in a relationship is all about expressing true feelings. True love in a relationship will make your relationship grow from strength to strength. However, fake love is like a disease, it’s not appealing, therefore, nobody would like to experience it. Nobody would like to manage or live with it.

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Sometimes, it is easy to detect fake love. On the flip side, fake love can be hidden and you can’t know about it. It might be difficult to tell, reason being that pretense may make them look attractive, real and  cover what you would think is a sign. For example, a person might give you all the attention, give you money, laugh and have fun with you yet he or she doesn’t really love you. Probably, he or she is around because of what he or she can get from you and not that they love you.

In as much as fake love may be difficult to detect, there are still signs and characteristics that would tell you that this love is fake. Fake love can be identify when you pay very close attention to the actions and in-actions of your partner. That is to say, most times, when someone doesn’t really love you, you will know. The red flags are there.

To help you know and understand if the love in your relationship is genuine or fake, here are some of the signs to look out.

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1. Excuses.

A man or woman that loves you would always place priority on you no matter his or her busy schedule. True love is about giving priority to your significant others. If you are not his or her priority, excuses like i am busy, always busy when called, i don’t have card to call you, ignoring calls with flimsy excuses, i will call you back which will never happen, being online and not speaking with you but updating status and talking with others would emerge.

2. Lack Of Attention.

Attention deficit is very bad in every relationship. Everyone deserves attention and when that attention is not coming from your partner, you feel lonely. You may begin to ask questions upon questions if your partner truly love you or he/she is faking it, if the attention is not coming forth. These kind of people only cares or give you attention only when they want something from you. They don’t care to connect with you emotionally or about your emotional needs. Simply put, they are emotionally distant and only romantic when they want to get something from you.

3. Unconcern.

A partner who love you will always strive to be passionate about you. Fakers are not bothered at all about the relationship. They don’t even care if the relationship succeed or fail. They don’t make any effort to make the relationship work or help each other grow in the relationship. No passion for each other, they are only comfortable with whatever comes and goes but not in love with you. They act indifferent and detached from you when it matters most.

4. Lies.

Honesty is one of the values of a healthy relationship. Honesty is what strengthen your bond with your partner because their is room for trust. Fake relationship can be toxic, your partner will lie to you always. When a relationship is built on fake love it tends to attract lies.  A relationship where your partner lies to you at every given opportunity is toxic.

5. The Relationship Is Centered On Sex.

Sex may be crucial in most relationship but it shouldn’t be the bedrock of a relationship. It shouldn’t be the pillar of the relationship. When your relationship is only about sex, just sex, especially when you are not friends with benefits,  then the relationship is fake. People showing fake love are not bothered to do anything meaningful with you apart from having sex. Aside sex, they seems uninterested about every other things, about you, passion, goals, future plans, your life, feelings, career, education etc,  no other thing to offer. If sex is the only thing that hold you and your partner together in a relationship then that relationship is absolutely fake.

6. No Communication.

The key to a healthy and genuine relationship is communication. A partner who truly love you will always try to know about your feelings, they will always want to communicate with you. A fake partner will never care about communicating with you, knowing your feelings because you are not their priority.

7. No Feelings.

A relationship where your partner don’t feel anything for you but pretends to love you is fake. Fakers can even call you sweet names, text you and write you beautiful poems just to get what they want, but no love. All these they say, they don’t mean it. Anyone who is a genuine lover will surely have feelings for you. He or she will not pretend about it.

8. Manipulation.

Fake lovers uses a manipulative strategy, all in the name of love to get what they want. They are there because of the benefits they get from you. They can tell you they love you, compliment you, shower you with praises, fake smiles all just to manipulate you and get what they want. They are selfish and cares only about themselves.

The Bottom Line.

People that are in your life will surely have a way of affecting you either positively or negatively. In other words, our relationship may have a way of defining us. True love is unconditional and it is not selfish. In a genuine relationship, the partner’s intentions and feelings about each other are clearly defined. Fake people are toxic in nature, they only want what they want. They don’t give a damn about you.

More often than not people tend to hide their true colors initially, but no matter what in the final analysis there must be a sign if you really pay good attention. In times where fake love is spreading like virus, to avoid wasting your precious time and draining your energy, you really need to watch out for these signs highlighted in this blog post. When you are able to spot or detect these characteristics of a fake love, it will save you a lot in your relationship. Hence, there is no condition in a genuine love.

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