What Are The Benefits Of Long-Distance Relationships?

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What Is A Long-Distance Relationship?

According to the urban dictionary, A long-distance relationships are relationships with a strong emotional commitment to another who is far away and often beyond physical access most of the time.

This is something that requires a great deal of maturity and emotion. It is only ever effective in the case of lofty strong loving relationships.

In many cases, people can be far too simple minded or immature to benefit from long-distance relationships.

If someone is more interested in intimate physical contact with others than they are in emotional bonding than they should not and will not function in a long-distance relationships.

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But if both partners are very serious about each other for reasons beyond physical, it can be very worth it because in that situation, one may find it impossible to be satisfied with a replacement relationship.

Long distance relationship works for some people why it doesn’t for others. Long distance relationship happens when dating and also in a marriage.

One person would have to move over to another city or country for either studies, work or military service and the relationship have to adapt to this changes.

As for me personally, I don’t think long distance relationship would work for me because I would love to see my partner always in other for us to bond easily, (POV). But at the same time, I can’t strike up friendship with someone who lives far away.  For others, long distance relationship works perfectly fine for them.

I have an uncle who is into a long distance relationship and it works perfectly well for him. He calls his partner all the time and they share beautiful times together both on chat and video calls.

Nowadays, it is easier to fall in love at a distance to your significant other with the social media and internet. it is easier than ever to establish relationship with people even before seeing them (in real life).

In this article we shall be looking at the benefits and effects of a long distance relationship.

What Are The Benefits Of Long-Distance Relationships?

Here are some benefits of long-distance relationship;

1. Self Growth

For some people being around each other daily lead to synchrony of personality and behaviour. They do everything together, they finish each other’s sentence and act so much alike that it is hard to distinguish one’s personality from the other.

Relationship may seem lovely and cute but in the long run, there is a need for growth. Have your time to yourself, think of what you would achieve by yourself and work on it.

Achieve those goals for yourself and thank yourself for it. Also it helps you to discover yourself and have that self-growth you deserve.

2. It builds Emotional Bonding

One great thing about long distance relationship is that it can help strengthen the bond that goes beyond the physical between both partners.

When you are far apart it brings about more communication. You are eager to hear from the other person and it enable the relationship to run smoothly.

There is always new things to talk about and that eagerness to here from the other person makes it cute. The two main features of a long-distance relationship is the communication aspect and the trust aspect. These aspect helps the relationship stand stronger.

3. Less Mundane

A long-distance relationship intensified the moment you spend time with each other, as when your time is limited, it often become more valuable and special.

The bond between the partners strengthen as they won’t feel bored of each other like you do when you are meeting all the time and for long period.

Boredom is among the most common reasons behind failing relationships, alongside severe emotional distancing between partners, problems with dishonesty in a relationship, and losing attraction to your significant other. All this may happen when partners see each other on a daily.

What Is The Effect Of Long-Distance On Relationships?

Some effect of long-distance relationships are;

1. Jealousy

It is an extreme case of possessiveness or insecurity. It signals that you do care about the partner but too much of jealousy creates a negative impact on the relationship.

Jealousy-Effect Of Long-Distance On Relationships
Jealousy-Effect Of Long-Distance On Relationships

Also, being continually jealous and having an argument on the same may possibly ruin a perfectly good relationship.

Just by letting your mind filled with jealousy and suspicion can be disturbing. In this, you just give yourself some unnecessary worries. It is likely to lead towards arguments with your partner, who might feel sad and hurt that you don’t trust them.

Well, you should learn this thing that if your partner is really planning to cheat on you, there is not much you can do about it. Also, worrying about the same beforehand will do more harm than good. That means that you have nothing to lose by trusting your partner and your relationship might go smooth.

2. Cheating In A Relationship

This is one major disadvantage of long-distance relationships. Since the other partner is in another city or country, you won’t be able to monitor or know what your partner is doing there.

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Long-distance relationships cheating signs can be as subtle as changes in the number of times their partner shows affection or a clear indication of disinterest, such as the gradual increase in “busy” schedules.

Cheating in a long distance relationship ruins trust and can lead to a break up. The other partner may indulge in other romantic relationship with another person in that place he/she is and may lead to infidelity.

3. Loneliness

It is usual to feel alone and lonely when you are distance from your significant other. These emotions of missing your partner every single day are very normal.

Loneliness-Effect of a Long-distance relationships
Loneliness-Effect of a Long-distance relationships

Sometimes it is just the emptiness that you may feel and sometimes it is a loss of contact with the partner. This starts making you wonder whether you are close to your partner or not?

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You know that you are not alone and that your partner is there to back you up. But you feel, that connection is lost when you were together. Just hold on and fight with your feelings, it is just a matter of a particular thought or a day and it will probably go away.

Things, like planning the future together, keeping alive the emotional and physical intimacy, having a communication schedule, can bring you far away from the point where you will feel lonely.

4. Depression

Another effect is that it may lead to depression. The other partner may feel bored and such feeling may lead to depression.

When you are depressed for long, you are dragging your partner and others as well into it and your partner also suffers from it. It just leaves your significant other with a feeling of helplessness and confusion. To fight with the same, you need to be aware of emotions.

Depression is a cause of loneliness. And it is a major effect of long distance relationship.

End Words

There is no template for life. The fact that some long-distance relationships fail does not mean that every long-distance relationship will. If it did not work for some partners, it could still work for others.

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The benefits of a long-distance relationships are quite different from other kinds of relationships.

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