Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.

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Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.

Want to know about the weekly beauty riutine for young ladies then this blog post is for you.

These are days of taking good care of ourselves and health comes first. If you are lucky enough to find yourself well and you are at home, this article on weekly beauty routines for young ladies can help you lift your spirits and feel better.

Continuing to take care of the face and body is essential, we recommend that you maintain your beauty routines as much as possible and take care of your skin.

To do this, as if it were a weekly menu, we have prepared for you a weekly beauty routine for young ladies for each day of the week.

Because habits are easier to comply with if they are done progressively, incorporating a new one every day until the week is completed will be worthwhile. Ride along with us as we show you some weekly beauty routine for young ladies.

Monday: Cleansing And Hydration.

Whether you work or not, it is good to start Monday with energy and good humor, because this way we will be laying the foundations to have good habits during the rest of the week.

On the first day of the beauty routine, we propose some very simple but important tasks:

  • Wash your hands well with soap and warm water for 30 seconds.
  • Cleanse your face with warm water and a mild soap such as Marcel Cluny Cleansing Gel . You can take the opportunity to massage your cheeks and forehead while cleaning your face.

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  • Apply a light moisturizer adapted to your skin type.
  • Apply a good eye contour gel to illuminate your face and eyes. The high exposure to screens that we have these days can cause dark circles and dull the look. Avoid it with an eye contour gel (and if you can, try to sleep your 7 or 8 hours).

Ideally, this morning ritual should be repeated every day.

Tuesday: Evening Routine.

Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.
Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.

On the second day of facial care we will focus on the ritual at night, which is when the skin regenerates.

Before going to sleep, wash your face with lukewarm water, dry it well, and apply a nourishing night cream , depending on your goals.

If you want to give your skin a break, Marcel Cluny Nourishing Night Cream is ideal to provide the extra hydration your skin needs, especially during these days when heating and more frequent washing can dry it out.

Wednesday: Exfoliation.

Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.
Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.

Once a week it is advisable to do a facial exfoliation to help skin cell renewal and what better way to do it on Wednesday to break a bit with the (new) routine?

Choose a time of day when you can be calm for at least 10 minutes, preferably before going to sleep. Wash your hands well and then wash your face with a quality exfoliating gel, lightly massaging the contour of the face and cheeks with your fingertips.

Enjoy the feeling of freshness for a few seconds and wash your face well until the product is completely removed. Then apply some facial toner with a clean cotton pad or cloth and let the product absorb well for a few seconds. Finally, you can now apply your moisturizer and rest.

Thursday: Take Care Of Your Hair.

Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.
Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.

Thursday we will dedicate it to pampering the hair. Perhaps you are taking advantage of these days to give your hair a break and wash your hair every other day.

It is a good trick to break the vicious cycle of daily washing, but this should not prevent you from taking care of it and pampering it as it deserves.

On Thursday we suggest you wash it thoroughly with a good shampoo adapted to your hair type and apply a hair mask from the roots to the ends.

Let it act for five minutes and rinse the hair with warm water until the product is completely removed.

Friday: Face Mask, Music And Candles.

Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.
Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.

It’s Friday and it doesn’t hurt to celebrate that we’re fine. Therefore, we propose you an appointment with yourself.

You will only need: a good hydrating facial mask , good music and a relaxing atmosphere. You can light a scented candle, create soft light or any other atmosphere that generates well-being.

Wash your hands and face well and apply the face mask in full consciousness, enjoying every step. Get yourself a good book or magazine and wait as long as the mask requires without doing anything but spending quality time on yourself.

After the absorption period, wash your face well with warm water and dry it with a warm towel and … happy Friday.

Saturday: Make Yourself Pretty!

Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.
Weekly Beauty Routine For Young Ladies.

Nowhere is it written that you have to put on makeup just to go out. It’s Saturday and you can give yourself a tribute by getting ready and preparing a good homemade dinner.

Why not put on some lipstick or mascara? You choose how you feel most beautiful.

Sunday: Tribute To The Body.

Taking care of the face is important, but let’s not forget the rest of the body! For the Sunday beauty routine we recommend a bath or shower with emollient bath gel + moisturizer and (optional) anti-cellulite gel to activate circulation. What better way than to end the week feeling light and relaxed?

We hope that these beauty tips on weekly beauty routine for young ladies will be of great use to you to pamper yourself and feel better.

Combine them with a healthy diet, a little physical exercise and relaxation techniques for an optimal result.

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