Top 5 Thriller Novels

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There are different types of novels and there’s definitely a type of novel you find yourself drawn to. It could be romance novel, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, thrillers etc. 

You might be drawn to one or two most probably all of it. If you’re a fan of thrillers well am about to put smiles on your faces especially to those confused about what next thriller to read. Let me save you the stress. Here are top 5 thriller novels to read.


This is a psychological thriller written by British author Paula Hawkins in the year 2015, which remains her best-selling book having received awards of Goodread choice award best mystery and thriller and audie audiobook of the year.

The girl on the train has various themes including domestic violence, drugs abuse and alcohol. The story narrates the lives of three different women each having similar relationship issues and problem with drinking as the lives of these women gets connected. This awesome thriller gets twisted so well as suspense meets with the reader revealing secrets you would never have imagined.

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The movie adaptation of the girl on the train was released in 2016 and another was released recently in 2021


A crime thriller written by American writer Gillian Flynn in 2012. This thriller tells a story about a frustrated housewife who fakes her own death and let’s her husband take the fall for it.

To what extreme and why will she fake her own death? The movie adaptation Gone girl was released in 2014.


This is a 2019 psychological thriller written by British-Cypriot Alex Michaelides. It tells the story of a woman who is held guilty for the murder of her husband and had remained mute since the day of the murder. What could her reasons be? Grab the novel and find out. 


This awesome psychological thriller comes with a touch of horror fiction written by Simone St. James.

Centered around a small town in New York City and a young woman who is in pursuit of the truth about her aunt’s disappearance in the same town.


I must confess I did save the best for last. This is a crime thriller Novel and first novel James Patterson’s series about forensic psychologist Alex cross.

The movie adaptation “Along came a spider” released in 2001.

We hope you enjoy these top 5 thriller novels even as you read them.


Written by Victoriana Precious Benson

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