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By Poetherapist

What Are The Tips For A Healthy Living?

Healthy living! When you hear the word, what is the first thing that come to your mind? Could it be the thing everyone needs to do to be fit and stay out of health issues?  Is it what the body needs for vitality, to balance and be strong?  Well, your question is not far fetched. Hence, the purpose of this blog post. So, let’s drive.

The old cliche “health is wealth” cannot be overemphasized. Life avails to us a whole lot to enjoy, however, we must come to terms with the reality that befalls us “life is short”. No matter how long we live, we still wish we had more time. However, living healthily can help us maximize the short time that makes up our whole life span. To achieve healthy living, we’ll consider some healthy habits that can help us luxuriate in life at its best. Here are 5 tips for a healthy living.

1. Water Therapy.

Drinking water
Drinking water

“Water has no enemy” so the old cliche goes. Water is available to us in abundance. Sadly, the usefulness of water to our health is underrated. Many persons still don’t know the efficacy of water in cleansing and maintaining the normal functionality of our body. Ranging from osmoregulation to cleansing of our internal organs. Water is essential for a healthy living.

Taking a glass of clean water first thing in the morning when you wake up does wonders. Water therapy is very germane if you must be enemies with hospital beds. What is this water therapy that I’m talking about? In simple terms, it is the culture of drinking clean water every morning as you wakeup. It helps to detoxify the body system, activate the internal organs for the day’s work and keeps you fit to face the day.

This practice is usually not a very palatable one–drinking water on an empty stomach as it causes nausea, yawning, bloating, and farthing. Though, these reactions vary with individuals according to their body makeup. It is sometimes, irritating but worth it if you must maintain healthy living.

Guess  What? 

Three things happen to you few minutes after you’ve taken the water (most recommended, two glasses of water approximately, 1 litre).

  1. The first is that you feel some bloating in your bowls. Sometimes, accompanied with recurrent yawnings and farthing. It is usually very discomforting.

  2. The second thing is that it stimulates you to defecate. You quickly run to the convenience and empty your bowels. Everything about the previous day in your stomach is being offloaded into the toilet. At this point, you feel good. You let out a sigh of relief. You’re ready for the day.

  3. The third thing, is constant urination. The first urine is usually very yellowish-brown with a very offensive odour. The second and subsequent ones are usually very clean and pure which symbolizes how clean your system is. Do this regularly and your liver and kidney will thank you.

2. Eat Healthily.

Eating Healthily
Eating Healthily

In your best way, avoid patronizing roadside food vendors. What we refer to as “mama put” in our local parlance. In most cases, these foods are not prepared under healthy conditions. Mind you, i am not discrediting their hustle. Sincerely speaking and with all humility, i respect them and celebrate their hustle, however, i can’t trust strangers with my stomach. Reasons being that, some of these vendors don’t observe good hygiene and the ingredients used in their food preparations are not guaranteed to be safe. Some use local salts which is more economical and cheap for them (not the normal iodized salts), likewise their spices too.

Some use spices that you may be allergic to, including the source of the water they use in preparing the food is not trustworthy. When you consume these foods, you start getting symptoms of illnesses. You may not be able to trace it to what you consume but the medical professional, after thorough examination, will tell you.

As much as you can, make all own food in your own kitchen or spend money to patronize brand food vendors that you can trust their hygienic practices and quality recipes.

Some persons due to some medical conditions have allergies to some food ingredients like allum, potash, spices, local vegetable oil with high cholesterol which are detrimental to the heart and other delicate vital organs. This is more reason I’ll rather implore you to make your meals yourself or by someone you trust who also understands your conditions. This is what the roadside food vendors can’t guarantee you as they are after profit and not your health. They go for the low budget ingredients.

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By implication, prolonged consumption of these unwanted ingredients, result in accumulation of toxins in your system and eventual deterioration of your health. Don’t use your money to buy cheap food that will cause you expensive sickness.


Moreso, for a healthy living, eat what is good for your health, not what is sweet in your mouth. Eat fruits, nuts, herbs regularly. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

3. Exercise Regularly.

A girl doing home exercise

In spite of your busy schedule, make out time for regular exercise to enable you keep fit and burn out some residual body fat and free radicals in the body system that if allowed to accumulate, can result in critical health damage. In all sense, sedentary lifestyle should be discouraged.

Regular exercise keeps your brain working efficiently, your whole body and internal organs active, your muscles and bones strong and fit. All these contribute to a healthy life.

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4. Maintain General Hygiene (Personal And Public)

A man observing hygiene by cleaning his office table
A man observing hygiene by cleaning the chairs

Before now, it used to be personal hygiene but as things evolve, researchers and environmentalists have discovered that keeping yourself clean doesn’t save you from the harm a dirty environment can cause you. Harmful micro organisms thrive in dirty environments. By environment i mean your body, your clothing, your home, surroundings, utensils, and including the people you interact with on a daily basis.

If you are the fastidious and meticulously neat type and you roll with dirty people, you’ll not escape the health havoc their dirtiness can inflict you. Most times, they are not affected by it because overtime, their body system has adapted to it and built immunity against the harmful microganism that survive on their dirty body.

However, you will fall sick the moment you get too close. By this, I don’t mean you should start acting up all segregational or begin to give people that look of resentment. No, it is more formal to educate anyone around you who happen to be dirty and comfortable with it. If you care about them, educate them about personal cleanliness and hygiene. They will appreciate it if you don’t go by a derogatory approach. Save yourself and save others too. It doesn’t cost the whole world to get your acts together for a healthy living.

5. Maintain Healthy Sexual Life.

This one is another big thing! A very sensitive and critical one but we often don’t want to talk about it, perhaps, owing to controversies that such topic spurs each time it is mentioned. However, no matter how fast a man runs, he can’t run away from his shadow. No matter how much we try to shy away from this subject matter, it is still a topic of concern to every sensible human being who values his health and wants to maximize it.

Sexual health is a real matter that is seldom talked about, nevertheless, it demands every attention we can give to it. If you must maintain a healthy lifestyle, you cannot put out the issue of your sex life.

First off, let me put it upfront that, sex is sweet, pleasurable, enjoyable and one of the best human experiences. However, as sweet as it is, our people will say “wetin dey sweet, dey kill”. In the real sense, the veracity cum authenticity of that notion isn’t pragmatically, scientifically, philosophically, medically, theologically or otherwise proven. I make bold claims to say that whatever is sweet is meant to serve us satisfactorily. However, the English man says “when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”.

When you don’t carefully handle what was designed for your own pleasure, it becomes detrimental to you. From the time of advent of electricity, it has been serving and meeting human needs, but misuse of it, risks human lives. The same goes to sex.

Sexuality, libido, sexual appetitite and proclivities or whichever way you may want to put it, is first a basic instinct before we introduce any religious concepts into it. It is inherent in every living thing by default before ever we meddle it with religious misconceptions. This is why we mustn’t play hanky-panky with it, or try to be pretentious about it because of people’s opinions.

In as much as sex is good, it is very dangerous. Every healthy human being has sexual urge. In fact, you must pass that test to prove that you’re a normal human being.
It is advisable to eschew promiscuity and flippancy if you love your health and wish to live long and enjoy this treasurable basic instinct called sex. Try your best possible, to maintain a healthy sex life. Shun patronizing commercial sex workers or sleeping around.

Plugging your tool in every sucket that is open is a risk to your health. Don’t be a fool, control your tool and use it wisely. Not every open door is an invitation to come in, some are death traps. It is advisable that you have one sex partner, most recommendable, your wife or husband. Don’t be jumping from pillar to post gratifying your sexual appetite with every Tom, Dick and Harry. HIV/AIDS is real. Secually transmitted diseases/infections are glaringly really and have a convoy of their attendant consequences and subsequent death. Don’t let your appetite drag you to your early grave. Chop life, no chop death.

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