The Ultimate Guide On How To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship

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10 Ways To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship.

It is one thing to have an argument and disagreements, but another thing to tolerate and endure disrespectful, offensive, abusive and even violent behavior in the name of love.
Many unfortunate, dangerous mistakes have been made in the name of love, especially when one realizes that the feelings of loyalty, respect, care and mutual trust are been replaced by distrust, jealousy, possessiveness and oppression. Below, are some important steps to finally end a toxic relationship and give you peace and freedom.

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1. Firstly Acknowledge Your Problem.

This is the first step to freedom and healing, you have to acknowledge and accept that you are in a mess, it may even be with the partner of your dream, but it is a dysfunctional relationship that hurts and mortifies. If this reality is not clear, any other step is likely to be in vain.

2. Contemplation.

At this stage it is important to carefully observe the situation and not just think about how to resolve it. In toxic relationships, thinking of a solution becomes difficult due to the presence of certain psychological factors, the presence of dependence on the partner or other addictions and a thousand other difficulties which, if faced only with rational and logical thinking, lead always at the same conclusion, so go to God in prayer.

3. Preparation And Organization.

it is very important to think about the necessary steps that you will have to go through to end the relationship. Attention should be paid especially to those relationships in which physical violence is present, in this case, predicting the partner’s moves and their reactions is essential to act safely.

4. Action.

At this point it is a question of putting into practice what you have prepared and strictly ending the relationship. It is very important to be solid and prepare for any outcome, hence makeup your mind and considering the emotional attachment, you better be prepared.

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5 Mentally Fortification.

Write down in a few words the reason for your decision e.g, i have been repeatedly cheated on or i have been emotionally assaulted in this relationship and realized that i don’t want to continue like this. Write down your reasons and understand that you are too valuable to be treated like trash.

6. Do Not Justify Yourself Or Give Too Many Explanations.

You are not doing couples therapy together, so give a solid firm reason for your decision and walk away. Because everything you say at this stage will likely be manipulated to change your mind or will misrepresent you, therefore, it is better to speak as little as possible and keep your emotion in check.

7. Avoid Blaming The Partner.

In communicating, even if the other partner has mistreated you, made fun of you, or betrayed you, it is necessary to start from your center and state your point, using words like i feel in place of you did. In this way you will feel stronger and more centered.

8. Improvisation.

Considering the possibility that there is something you could not foresee in your partner’s possible reactions or unexpected complications. Be ready to improvise because some people don’t handle loss well, hence can be unpredictable.

9. No contact.

This is the best way to permanently end a toxic relationship. It can be difficult to do, but try as much as possible to stay away from your phone or anywhere that you may encounter your ex partner, that is if everything went well

10. Healing.

At this stage, you dedicate yourself to understanding, forgiving and healing the deep reasons that led you to a destructive relationship. If you have depression problems or other major psychological problems, behavioral or substance addictions, you must first address and heal these aspects. Dedicate yourself to family, your friendships and hobbies to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health.


Toxic relationship is a killer. We hope that this our blog post, “HOW TO GET OUT OF A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP ” will help you to make a good decision to come out of that toxic relationship. Stay tuned with mynaijalite for more relationship blogs. You can as well visit our blog “Toxic behaviors you should never tolerate in a relationship” it will give you a guideline and good insight on what toxic relationship is all about. Caring is sharing, please don’t forget to share this blog post.

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