The Crush Syndrome: What You should Know

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Have you ever wondered why you feel this strong affection about someone you are not in a relationship with. Why you feel a light-hearted way about someone? In today’s blog post we are going to talk about the crush syndrome.

What Is A Crush?

A crush refers to a romantic feelings for someone that go unexpressed. The thing is crushes don’t have to be romantic at all. A crush can also be seen as a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable.

We all have crushes and to have a crush is a natural feeling. sometimes, feelings for a crush can be confusing because they’re new to you and you aren’t sure how to act, and You could also have mixed feelings about them.

The crush syndrome
The crush syndrome

When you see your crush, a part of you might feel embarrassed and you might want to shy away, another part of you might imagine your crush noticing you and sharing the same feelings.

What Does It Feel Like To Have A Crush?

The feeling is strange. If you feel strange around your crush, you are not alone. Because it happens to almost everyone. You might feel shy or giddy or maybe even shy and giddy all at once!.

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When I see my crush, I feel speechless or tongue-tied. You always want to see that person always. you also dress to kill any time you hear the person would be coming around or when you want to visit such a person.

It can be difficult to control how you feel, but the rules of good behaviour still apply. If your crush doesn’t want to talk with you or seem like you are making the person uncomfortable, it’s time to back off.

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The infatuation is strong when you have crush on someone. You get jealous easily when you see your crush talking with the opposite gender.

If I Have A Crush, What Do I Do?

The crush syndrome
The crush syndrome

The feeling is natural but it depends on how you control it. You might or might not want to tell other people who your crush is. it can be fun to talk with your friends about it.

Whenever you see yourself always talking about one particular person to your friends then it’s a major sign you are having a crush on that person.

The feeling may seem like a small incident, essentially comic and occasionally farcical. It may look like a minor planet in the constellation of love ,but it is in fact the underlying secret central sun around which our notions of the romantic revolve.

Personal Story.

Some years back, I had a crush on a girl when I was in my senior secondary school and couldn’t control it. I went to a boarding school and we observed an afternoon prep which runs between 3 to 6 p.m daily.

I noticed this girl always comes by 4 pm and she sat at the back seat so I perpetually dressed to kill before coming for prep. I wanted her to notice me and this happened for a while.

I couldn’t express the way I felt towards her maybe because I was too shy. A day came when I went for prep only to see her with another guy laughing and holding hands. I was flabbergasted at that point in time. I went out of the class with all indignant, feeling she couldn’t read my feelings.

Funny enough I cried that evening. LOL
so you must be able to control your feelings when you have a crush on someone or better off telling the person.

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Also keep in mind it’s easy to mistake kind or respectful behaviour as interest when looking for sign through the rose-colored glasses of someone in the throes of a crush.



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