Suicide Was Never My intention

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By Victoriana Precious Benson


The thought of suicide whispers in her gentle voice

She Stands beside me to make a choice

My mind becomes occupied by noise

Hoping to decide not her choice

I confide in her for my life was not in poise

She  always stood by my side telling me lies,that I might rejoice

Am petrified when she’s dressed in turquoise

She has come to deceive me

I battle everyday wanting not to receive and conceive her lies

The world perceive not my struggles

She’s desperate to achieve her aim

Am in grieve hoping never to believe her lies

There came a day

On my bed I did lay

Fearing i may eventually pay her to slay my soul_

The way had no obstruction

She was planning to do a giveaway of death

Try it, move it, Go on

Just a noiseless step at a time

Will lead you to a timeless world

Where your pains becomes painless

And your body is left breathless and souless

At that moment I was left totally defenseless

For her words were so affectionless

The world isn’t yours to live forever

Accept my offer,you will regret never

Your depression will give you more unbearable fever

If you chose not to become clever

None had come to deliver you not ever


Take this apple of amnesia

And you will forget everyone as far as the existence of the continent Asia

To those I opened up to willingly

Had closed my case cheerfully

Paying no attention to my depression while leaving me suddenly

Much closer she came stretching her hand to take me from the world

My hand in her hand she smiles without uttering a word

In an unknown flight,i found myself on board

Almost severed was the cord connecting my soul to my body now subjected under discord

The very third attempt she had promised will bring Concord was just a lie

I want to be saved Lord i cried in my struggle for life aloud

My life I cannot afford to lose to her lies

Suicide was never my intention

Depression made it an unwanted decision

An apple of amnesia did I eat due to my frustration

Suicide was never my intention

It only made matters worse by giving pains to loved ones unintentionally due to my thoughtless  decision

The pains will never end as she promised

For my soul got so distressed

For the short moment of a near death experience my soul did regretted

She took advantage of my weaknesses to get me tormented

Suicide was never my intention

Her lies held me under subjection

A serum of truth gave me a second chance saving me from eternal condemnation

Hear me Suicide is not an option

She lies to you to keep and steal your soul leading you to destruction


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