Signs Your Girlfriend Has Lost Interest In You

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5 Signs Your Girlfriend Has Lost Interest In You.

Ever been in a situation where it seems as though your partner is loosing interest in you?  Well, in today’s blog we would be taking a look at 5 signs your girlfriend has lost interest in you.

5 Signs Your Girlfriend Has Lost Interest In You.
5 Signs Your Girlfriend Has Lost Interest In You.

I always assert, love is a beautiful thing . When love is fresh everything  seems cool. The bond, the communication, the romance -everything  good in between is fantastic.

But as time goes on love may start to fade away. Couples begin to withdraw  from each other slowly but surely.

Change is constant in life. Sometimes love is really not guarantee. People  do change overtime so does feeling too.

There is no surety that a girl who loves you today will have the same love blazing tomorrow, vice versa. You really don’t know what the future brings so live  every moment as it comes.

Sometimes in relationship the feelings of honeymoon fades away. Out of the blues your relationship  hit rock bottom and you begin to ask, what went wrong. How did I fluff  the line?  What did I do to make her behave this way?

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Sadly, but true talent is never enough. To shape, sharpen and take your God given talent  to the next level, there are things you have to do. You have to practice your craft, passion, determination, should be their. Like wise, Love may not be enough in a relationship. It may  not even  keep you together.  What does is the knowledge on how to live with your partner. The moment you realize this then you are good to go.

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Prior to this, love is like an investment between two parties. Both you and your partner needs to make it work. Have the  firsthand knowledge to push it to the highest echelon. Lovers are required to invest time, effort, and emotion to make them work.

There are sings a girl will begin to display when she begin to lose interest in you. Here are 5 signs that your girlfriend has lost interest in you.

1.They Don’t Have Time For  You.

Spending quality time with your girlfriend is one of the many ways in which you truly get to know each other, bond well, connect deeper, and  intimate.

Lovers might want to spend time together, meet, go out and enjoy themselves.

If she’s fallen out of love with you chances are that She will make excuses for everything. She would  back out of anytime you made to go out even when their is no work commitments and other activities that could stop her from making herself available and being with you.

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She doesn’t have time for you anymore, to hangout with you. And then you would see the distance growing wider until everything  is left unseen.

2. Getting Angry.

Getting angry happenes but loosing control don’t have  to be.

When that person that you always have a good conversation  with starts changing, everything  you say makes him or her angry.

He or she sees nothing special  about you again. Any slightest mistake of yours becomes a big deal, she becomes angry at everything you do. And you try to find where you went wrong, but the more you do, the more you are being pushed away,  hurt everyday. Consequently, its a sign that she has lost interest  in you.

3. Drop In Communication.

Communication is very important in every relationship. For a relationship  to grow, it needs proper communication.

Lovers can’t really do without  communication. Sadly, when their are loopholes in your communication then their is a problem.

Reduction in communication can breed a lot of evil. When your girl friend begins to lose interest the level of  your communication with her will drop.

4. Unusual Slow To Responses.

This goes in hand with communication. Responsiveness is good in communication. If your partner who is ever responsive begins to act funny, claiming busy and you know is not true then something  is wrong somewhere.

People can begin to pull away in a subtle way. When you try to connect there is unsual delay in response. They begin to develop unusual slow to responses to you text, phone calls, conversation etc. To even return your calls when they missed it becomes a labour of Hercules.

You would text her, definitely  she has seen the message and read it, but then she will form busy, the only time you would get a reply back is when she likes or dim it fit. She will be online, she won’t chat you. She would  post status but blank your messages. She won’t bother herself texting  you. In no distant time you grow apart and become strangers with memories.

5. Lack Of Respect.

To have a successful relationship respect is very important for both parties.

A woman who is in a happy relationship always respect  her partner. But a woman who has lost interest in you will not respect you.

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