Signs to know if you are truly in love with you partner

Signs To Know If You Are Truly In Love With Your Partner

There are signs that confirm and answers the question “Am I truly in love” I bet you already watched a lot of love movies and they are definitive because from now on onwards you start thinking for two, because you see yourself projected into a couple.

You like him/her so much and you spend more and more time together, you have started sharing some little habits, you sincerely rejoice in each other’s successes and you miss him/she when they are not there.

Every now and then you are jealous , but you have no suspicions: a little healthy jealousy keeps the relationship warm, as long as you keep it at bay and you avoid controling your partner associated with emotional dependence , low self-esteem and chronic insecurity. But how do you know that you have really fallen in love and what you feel is not infatuation or pure sexual attraction ?

When you are in love you are euphoric and happy and these feelings do not disappear after a few days falling in love and building a healthy relationship are based on the sense of satisfaction that you have in the presence of the other person .
All successful relationships, show’s that the duration of relationships involves mutual commitment and investment.

Love is passion, security and emotional comfort, but also the commitment to make the relationship mature.
So check these 10 signs or symptoms and find out if you are truly in love.

1. They are the Major part of your day

No matter how bad your day has gone, seeing this special someone already makes it better.
Scientists have found that people who are truly in love tend to focus on the positive qualities of their loved one, this focused attention is due to high levels of dopamine and noradrenaline, chemicals associated with memory enhancement in the presence of new stimuli.

2. They are the first person you think of

They are the first thing on your mind when you wake up and the last when you go to sleep. He/she is the most beautiful thought of your day and you just feel the urge to hug and kiss him and if something good happens to you you immediately want to tell him and if something bad happens to you, you seek they support.

3. Put your love above yourself

Love is selfless: Your love has become the most important person in your life and you go along with his/her needs because you want to make them happy

4. You are not afraid to express your feelings in public

You shout it from the rooftops that it is the love of your life and you never hold back your emotions and you want your friends and family to Know them.
Every occasion is good to hold your hand, to hug and kiss you. The whole world needs to know that you love each other and that you are together.

5. Love your flaws

For you their flaws are not flaws, but unique qualities that you love . Maybe they doesn’t always say or do the right thing (after all, neither do you), because when you are in love you think that the other is unique and you understand each other.

6. Plan and plan your long-term relationship

When you are in love you hardly imagine a future without the person you love and so you think of the two of you in the long term, on what you can build and plan together. You begin to daydream on the two of you together in the future.

7. You have become a better person

No one is perfect but we can improve and, because you are in love, you work on yourself.
You are getting to know yourself better and want to transform into a better version of yourself. According to scientists, when people fall in love, they begin to change taking on a new character and new characteristics precisely because they grow in diversity and under the influence of the partner.
In a nutshell, now that you are in love you are different and you probably feel like that too.

8. Your partner is your best friend

And that person is your best friend, you tell each other everything and you know that together you can conquer the world.

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