Red Flags In A Relationship.

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Couple's in love
Couple’s in love

Not every red flag can be clear to you. Sometimes it can be subtle to identify the red flag in a relationship.

You can actually miss the glaring sign in a relationship if you are not careful enough to spot it on. This could happen especially when you are young in love, caught up in the web of a new romance, you are feeling all the wonderful feelings of love, feeling butterflies in your stomach. In other words a new romance or relationship makes you feel like you are in cloud nine without you realizing the red flags in a relationship.

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Things that may be visible to the blind and audible to the deaf might not be seen or heard by you during this period of honeymoon, so many things and warning signs might be left ignored. Well, it is very important you don’t get lost on the path of love. However, even as you trade the part of love it is wise you look out the red flags in the relationship, even as you get to know each other.

Example of red flag in a relationship
Example of red flag in a relationship

What Are Relationship Red Flag?

Relationships red flags are those attributes or characters in a partner or potential partner that goes against your core value. These are warning signs to pull us out of danger. Everyone wants to be loved, to feel that romantic atmosphere.
Red flags are signs to look out for even in our quest to finding love or the right person.

14 Red Flags In A Relationship.

Have you been feeling some level of discomfort, dissatisfaction that goes against your value?  Do you think there are signs you are ignoring in your relationship that could potentially lead to toxic relationship?  Or are you finding it difficult to figure out those red flags in your relationship?  Well, these questions have been answered in this article. Having explained what relationship red flags are, we have been able to put together some red flags that could be toxic in your relationship.

Now, let’s ride on. Here are 14 Relationship Red flags to watch out.

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1. Secrets.

Keeping of secrets is one of the major red flags in a relationship. Secrets should not be kept in a relationship. Where there are secrets, it’s a sign that the relationship would hit the rocks.

2. Keeping Record Of Wrongs.

Forgiveness ought to be a normal between partners in a relationship. Reminding each other of previous wrongs is an indicator it may not work out well. However, keeping records of wrong is another red flag in a relationship.

3. Over Possession.

It’s wrong for a partner to seek you all to his/herself and gives little or no room for family/friends/work or other activities for reasons which soothe him/her only.

4. Distrust.

In a relationship where trust is lacking, the foundation is already shaky. Distrust is a red flag in a relationship.

5. Comparison.

No partner should compare the other with other people. If they compare, then they wish their partner were someone else and is not perfect for them.

6. When Money Seems To Be Priority.

These days folks tend to see money  as everything, so if money talks look like they dominate everything, then that’s a red flag. A guy should spend on his lady because he loves her and want to not because it’s the status quo or a must do. However,

7. Fear Of God.

If your partner doesn’t have the fear of God and have good moral, forget about everything, he or she will be wicked, mean and not compliment you. So, its a red flag if your partner does have the fear of God and good moral in him/her.

8. Stingness.

This goes to both genders. It doesn’t have to be a girl or a boy. If you are the kind of person that will give and your partner will not give or reciprocate then it’s a red flag. It doesn’t have to be centered on money all the time, support, advice, gift, spoiling. If a person loves you too much he or she will spoil you.

9.Lack of Respect.

Every partner needs to respect who he or she loves. If you don’t respect your partner you can’t love him or her. In other words if they can’t love you they might find it difficult to respect you. Hence, respect and love work together. Lack of respect in a relationship is a red flag.

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If your partner does not respect you then there is a problem. I think they should be respected boundaries also in a relationship. By respect i mean someone who does not go through your phone without your permission, someone who don’t flirt with other people while you are present knowing fully well that you don’t appreciate it, someone who is not obnoxious and purposely pisses you off, knowing very well that you don’t like it. Someone who does not say things without caring how it will affect you in the relationship. Someone who will not harras you physically, verbally or emotionally.

10. Lies.

Relationship built base on lies will not see the light of the day. It will definitely going to kill the relationship . If both partners are not honest with each other, then it’s a red flag

11. Change.

Someone that wants you to change. This is a major redflag. The person that loves you should love you the way you are, and want to be a part of your life and not to come and change you. Relationship is all about compromise.

If you have a character that doesn’t tell well about you as a person, when you meet the person that you love and you don’t want to ruin things with the person or you know the person doesn’t appreciate that particular character try to compromise. But a person that sees you, wearing big dresses or trousers and loves you and when he starts dating you he start telling you not to wear those things, it’s wrong. The person is not in love with you, he just want to control you.

12. Public Display.

You should be able to express yourself, dissatisfaction without hurting your partner in public with emotional and abusive worlds, without letting the whole world know.

Public display
Public display

As one in a relationship you don’t air out you issues to the world. Of course , we are humans, if you have issues with your partner in public call him or her to order or wait till you get home to resolve it. You can’t be shouting at your partner in public because you’re angry with your partner. Or using abusive languages on them. It is wrong and a big red flag. Tell him or her when you feel like he or she is doing something wrong but don’t make the person feel stupid in your corrections.


This is another red flag to look out for in a relationship. One partner cannot be working his or her ass out and the significant other is lazy without doing anything. Not even supportive in anything.

14. Alcohol and addiction.

Another red flag you have to look out in a relationship is binge drinking and addiction with some harmful substances-drugs. Too much alcohol can have a way to impact your partners life negatively. It could affect his or her sanity, job, health and your relationship.

Final Thought.

Relationship can be quite complicated. No matter how deeply in love you are and how beautiful love make you feel, relationships can never be healthy if it becomes toxic and that’s why you have to watch out the red flags. Prior, relationship red flags matters a lot. Red flags indicates danger or trouble. However, paying attention to red flags is a very important in your relationship if you want to have a healthy relationship.

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