New Lada Niva: What We Know About The Upcoming SUV

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New Lada Niva: What We Know About The Upcoming SUV

The Lada Niva needs no introduction, because this iconic off-roader has been on the market since 1977, this brand is legendary for its sturdiness and reliability, but despite the multiple enhancement it has received since it’s first introduction, the Lada Niva 2021 model didn’t alter the spartanity and robustness of the brand.

The Lada Niva 2021 is a simple but robust car with good off-road capabilities.

Technical Specifications.

Under the hood of the New Lada Niva there is a 1.7 4-cylinder petrol engine, which was derived from the Fiat 128, but with permanent 4×4 traction with central viscous joint and reduced gears. It’s maximum power is 83 horsepower. With improvements to enhance the volume of the combustion chamber.

The New Lada Niva
The New Lada Niva

This engine is aggregated by a five-step mechanical gearbox. On the dynamic characteristics, it is not necessary big, with a small curb weight of 1210 kilograms, acceleration to a hundred takes 19 seconds. The maximum speed is 137 kilometers per hour. Cruise for the speed 75-80 kilometers per hour. In this range, an optimum fuel consumption of 10.8 liters is achieved along the way. In the city, the car consumes up to 14 liters of petrol. Engines are designed for AI-92 fuel. Although the first versions easily uses 72nd gasoline.

Brakes, Drive

Combined brake system. In front are disk mechanisms, behind – drum. The steering is complemented by a hydraulic amplifier. There is no unit disconnected, it is for this reason, a compact light SUV has such a high fuel consumption.

Pricing And Completion.

Do you want to know about the price of the new lada Niva?  I bet your answer is yes.

The initial cost of a brand new lada Niva is 4.5 million. This price includes power steering, power windows, factory adjustment and 6 inch molded wheels. In addition to the basic equipment, includes air conditioning, heated front seats, and attachment points for the drag device.

When the first photos of the rebranded Lada Niva 2021 was realeased, we didn’t know what to expect, until the SUV was launched into production recently.

If we compare the 2021 Lada Niva to the previous models, that has been produced over the years, you will realize, that there is practically no changes in the appearance, the brand preserves it’s original appearance in every model despite the enhancement built in.

The New Lada Niva
The New Lada Niva

Niva continues to have an undeniable impact in the automobile industry. The squared and essential bodywork remains unchanged, the passenger’s comfort is improved thanks to the new vibration dampen pads and great sound insulation.

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It is almost superfluous to assess the economic implications of ownership of the Lada. If you want a Niva, buy a Niva. This car is almost unmatched in doing what it is designed for.

Do you need a car today?
With the advent of the new Lada Niva 2021, many began to wonder about buying this SUV. But is it worth investing? Obviously the manufacturer paid little attention to the technical part. Most of the exterior hasn’t changed much and the level of equipments (air conditioning, electrical package) had a few adjustment, otherwise it is the same “Niva” with old problems. The cabin is quite noisy. corrosion protection has been added to the exterior.

The engine of the new lada Niva  is frankly voracious. The real element for VAZ-2121 is off-road. This car is not really made for city life. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of the owners. Alternatively, you can buy a more refined Chevrolet Niva.

But Personally, i think the Lada Niva 2021 is most suitable for those who mainly live in the countryside, though the advancement in this recent model can be seen in the design, comfort, safety and dynamics when compared to the previous models.

Maintanenace Tips

Here are the maintenance tips for a Lada Niva 2021 to ensure smooth running follow all this tips.

Check Fluids.

One of the maintanenace tips of the new lada Niva is to check the coolant, the oil and the windshield washer fluids regularly so as to top up when needed, topping up is absolutely necessary, at least once a month to ensure the smooth running of the car.
Only check the fluids when the engine is cold, but when it comes to topping up the difference between the minimum and maximum level is usually one litre.

Wash And Polish.

Keep the paintwork in good condition by washing your car regularly.
The most economical method for cleaning the outside windows is to use lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid. Or preferably you can take it to a car wash.

Checking Tire Pressure

You can easily check the tire pressure and tire wear yourself. It is recommended to do this monthly, because a low tire pressure can have adverse effects. It is bad for your fuel consumption and it increases the chance of a blowout and likewise excess tire pressure causes tires to wear more quickly and it deteriorates contact with the road.

Recommended Tire Pressure

The minimum tread depth of your tires must not be less than 1.6 millimeters. If the profile has shrunk to 2.5 mm, it is recommended to change the tire.

Keep The Battery Terminals Clean

The terminals are normally subject to corrosion. They can be kept clean of corrosion residues by making a “mixture” of water and bicarbonate, rubbed on the terminals with an old toothbrush and rinsed with water.

Don’t pack your car directly under the sun to prevent overheating and batteries last for 4/5 years if properly maintained, hence it is important to maintain you battery and change it when it’s due to avoid electronic issues with your car.

Also in the case of going to intervene directly on the battery, it is necessary to be extremely careful and use adequate protections.

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In addition to the normal maintenance operations indicated above, the importance of other fundamental activities should not be underestimated. Taking care of your car also includes specific precautions from a bureaucratic point of view in terms of verifying the compliance of the vehicle with road traffic, in order for the car to circulate according to what is established by the legislation and to offer the necessary safety to passengers and other vehicles. If you can, it is advisable to get an insurance cover.

I hope you find this review about the new lada Niva interesting. Don’t forget to share also.

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