“NASS Jackpot And Our Docility”

The Millionaire Method: What the Rich Don't Want You to Know

By Emenike Vincent Onyembi


What can the people do? Change the constitution or electoral process? We have been raging about rape for the last few days, however, rage against appropriating money to renovating the National Assembly Complex at the expense of other critical and essentials structures and services can as well be focused on.

Guess what? A campaign like that can yield result, easily… but do you know why it will not work? People will be paid to make sense of the expenditure. Security agencies will be deployed to quell protests. People will be paid to justify the force. It is human nature and it is not party affair.

Everybody in National Assembly is complicit as far as I am concerned. Until they publicly state that they do not support it. It is not a problem of the electoral process. It is a manifestation of the docility of the people—you and I. It is very unfortunate that;

1. This is happening because we are docile. Add that to the ₦30 billion contract for the renovation, reconstruction, expansion of CBN parking lot. That is ₦57 Billion.

2. In a country where the Commander in Chief himself has to travel abroad for healthcare. Imagine the fate of an ordinary citizen that cannot afford to travel abroad.

3. In a country with a continuously rotting education system. Rotting in terms of body and soul.

4. In a country with roads so bad. And it is not just interstate roads, but roads within the FCT. There are bad roads. So if their excuse is that the ₦27 billion is part of the FCT’s budget, what about other more pressing needs within the FCT like the Model Schools in the FCT, the bad roads, the lack of potable water, the insufficient electricity, the poor healthcare facilities, all within the FCT?

According to yesterday’s punch newspaper, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, says ministry of Youth and Sports Development needs between N5bn and N10bn to renovate sporting facilities across the country. What a renovation festival?!

But what are these people even thinking?

Are we that docile? I ask again, how do we effect the change? Is it by going to vote? Has rigging been outlawed? Has an enabling conducive voting environment been created, did we not see the Kogi “selections’’? And you wonder why people like us do not see a bright future for this country. When grand stupidity like this is our norm. Before, all this was from oil revenue, but now they want to start borrowing to destroy our future.

They will die and leave us in these stupid debts. The only ways change can be effected in this country is by strategically ousting all of them through elections. I think we can achieve a lot if we become smarter. We really need to switch on. Another option is also an international coalition to starve Nigeria of loans till restructuring is accomplished and priorities are properly put in place but again no one cares much about Nigeria, so I doubt people will listen in regards to that. There is an international conspiracy against Nigeria.

This decadence is part of the orchestra played by world powers.

This west is profiting from this mess. At the moment we are very skewed. Pre 2019 Saraki’s beef with the president kept a lot of things from being done to destroy Nigeria not because Saraki cared but it just worked in Nigeria’s favour now Buhari has the whole legislature under him so whatever kind of mayhem they want to cause they can.

But wait, ₦30 billion for expansion of a parking lot in CBN? We have money in this country. I think no one cares. We are not useful enough for them to waste brain cells on us. We are more than capable of destroying ourselves by ourselves. Perhaps the difference between some of us and them is that we rage with a view to changing the status quo and making things better.

We rage, and at best that is it, we rage and it stops there. We do not really want to change anything because we have concluded that we are doomed. We do not see a bright future. We have no hope. Perhaps.

Now you see why people can literally kill to get into office of power? They see themselves as gods—gods without conscience. Hence Dino’s statement, “The number of people waiting to steal are more than those currently stealing” burns with sulphur. And we always think that one or two people can get in there and change an institution that has several decades worth of deterioration.

Well, after all they say it is from a people that leaders emerge. A people can not be black and expect its leaders to be white. They can not. They are too few in number and they will simply be drowned out, ignored or worse removed. Our issues are systemic. If you look at the Igbo apprenticeship system, our political system mirrors it. The horrible leaders have their stooges that work under them till they are ready to retire and then they pave the way for the juniors to come in and squander their own. It is a continuous cycle that must be broken for us to make any real change.

We are not going to bring change out of our asses. Our tiny change in our small corner does not matter. It will not do anything. Change must be made enmasse for us to see progress, from top to bottom. Hope is the only way indeed.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” – Gal. 6:9

In all this, I encourage us to “keep speaking truth to power”. Keep speaking truth to the younger ones even more. Tell children around that this is NOT THE WAY! For the adults, re-orientation is very crucial. Very crucial, really. When you see something bad, instead of exclaiming “Nigeria!”, please condemn it so your children would know it is not normal and it is not Nigerian. It is a mind thing.

To successfully gather Nigerians to demand for a better country there is a need to first enlighten the average Nigerian on the reality of how bad things are. Most people on their daily hustle do not see how these figures directly affect them and unborn Nigerians.

Just imagine the slash on two very key sectors—education and health that are supposed to be saving lives and impacting knowledge. Our leaders are truly wicked and heartless even at this time when they should be patriots, they are still self centered.

Just recently, Germany rolled out stimulus—€300 or ₦130k per child for its citizens battling against covid-19 hardship. Here, ₦27 billion is being approved for NASS renovation, while that of health and UBE budgets are slashed at a time we are fighting covid-19 and ten million kids are out of school.

This is terrible. May God help us.

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