How To Win Her Over On The First Date

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Glennon Ddyle once  said “There is no woman on Earth that doesn’t have emotions, she has just hidden her fire unlock it and marvel in it’s wonders”

Women read meaning into small gestures and you will do well to respect her space. The first date is essential, if you want to have a second and maybe a third. Here’s how to impress on a first date.

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1. Preparation:

This is crucial in every date. You have to first be  prepared for the date, figure out a good location for your date. Women love nice and fancy things, so make sure where your are taking her on a date is catchy to her. This probably would set a good atmosphere and tone for you both. However, it doesn’t mean you should go over board in choosing a place for your first date. Don’t go beyond your budget, but make sure it’s a comfortable place for you both.

2. Be Punctual:

Acing your first date should be something you have to be thoughtful of without any equivocation.

Ladys are very sensitive in nature. They could pick out things and read meaning to it, even when you feel it doesn’t matter. And that could make or mar your relationship with them. First impression always count, therefore, you should be punctual on your first date. It’s better you are there  seated and waiting for her if you are not picking her up than her waiting for you. Don’t keep a lady waiting, it might ruin your date.

3. Be Confident And Bold:

Life itself has a way of serving us a humble pie. However, there are things that certainly are inevitable. Being nervous is one of those things.  More often than not first date can be nerve wrecking to anyone.

When it comes to first date being bold and confident is the key. Confidence is attractive to lady’s.

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Nothing kills a date like if you can’t handle the pressure that comes with meeting your first date. In the candour, girls love guys that are confident in themselves. You have got to man up, be yourself, show her that you are confident.

Many of you guys reading this article might be nervous on your first date. It is normal,  but have faith in yourself and understand that it takes two to tangle. In other words she feels the same way so don’t overthink it and it’s not all on you to make the date fun you just have to play your part.

Now,  i can’t start telling you what to say it will make the conversation sound unnatural but what i will advise you is to not just talk about yourself let her speak, if possible do more listening than talking and remember to have fun. Dating ought to be fun. Be yourself, be bold and confident on your first date.

4. Dress Nicely:

It is true ladies will go all out bonker to look good, even on their first date. Guys are not left out on this too. Looking good on your first date speaks volume. Its a plus.

It doesnt mean you should buy the most expensive dress to impress her. Dont go over board trying to live beyond your means. All you have to do is the ones you have dress nicely and smart with it, iron your clothes and look tidy because it counts. Ladies don’t like guys who look shaggy. Not dressing cool and nicely can turn off a girl

In addition, It is not only women who think first about there dressing and appearance especially on a first date, your look counts. As a guy going on a first date with her,  look for clothes suitable for the occasion (and the venue of the meeting) and remember that it is better to be over dressed than to be under dressed,  but keep it moderate and don’t be late. Infact just be presentable.

5. Transportation:

If you take a taxi, open the door and give the address to the taxi driver. Obviously, you pay. If you are in your car play a good soundtrack, it would still be better to chat, but if the silence becomes awkward, go with the music and avoid getting caught with an entire compilation of your ex! Name.

6. Be A Gentleman:

Open doors for her, from cab, restaurant door. Pull back her chair and allow her sit. Wait until she is seated before taking a seat. Don’t order for her and don’t forget your table manners.  Make her feel special and comfortable. Women loves men who are sweet and romantic.

7. Get To Know Her:

The restaurant climax, food, drinks,  the ecstacy, fun , the atmosphere and the place of your date brings it all together. Amidst all these, remember you aren’t here for the food or drinks but for her. Don’t be carried away, so focus on her

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Everyone loves to be connected so don’t sit in silence when you are with her for too long. No one likes being on a date with someone who’s attention is not on them.  Engage with her, just put your phone away and give her full attention. Dating means getting to know and understand people, so don’t make her feel bored. Try to know her, ask her questions about herself , her interests, what she loves or enjoy doing, her recreational activities, her dreams, family etc. And at same time listen carefully, pay attention during conversation.

8. Pay The Bills:

It’s really not a rule or an obligation that a man should pay on a date.  However, it’s an old-fashioned way that has been there that men pays for the bill. On the other hand when you ask a girl out for a date, it is expected you pay the bill. Naturally , expectations are there,  most women  feels if a man expresses interest in her then he should be man enough to foot the bill. In a bid to create a good first impression, most men are willing to bear the cost in other to impress the significant other or as a sign of being a gentleman and act of caring.  So, the man should be ready to pay the bill. If she insist on splitting up the bill, even when you have tried to pay and persuaded her,  don’t put up a fight, respect her decision because most women want to be independent especially the feminist.

9. Alcohol:

It is not bad if you take some drinks to feel cool and relax. But, it becomes obnoxious when you try to overdo it. You might end up being drunk and then say some things without your clear eyes that could ruin the date. That’s the power of alcohol.  Never let your appetite for drink show the girl that you drink too much.

Resist drinking too much if you want to win her over on the first date. Remember, first impression always count. She will always remember this about you. Therefore, pay attention to the quantity you take so you don’t look like an alcoholic .

10. A Little Romance:

In as much as you make her feel comfortable around you, give your date a full attention. A little romance could add zest to the occasion. Don’t be shy.  A shy man might not impress a lady. Maintain eye contacts. Look into her eyes when conversing with her. Girls love compliments, so there is nothing wrong in doing that. You can tell her you look great, you love the way she smile, you love her dress. Make her feel special but don’t become excessively flattering on her. Take a walk outside if you can. You can offer her your arm,  it is a chivalrous gesture and involves first physical contact. Then, you can make your move at the time of saying goodbye, that is, when you have taken her home.

11. Reconnect:

While messages or whatsapp may not be a totally bad idea, It is better to call her the next day. If she answers, thank her for the evening , tell her you had a good time with her and ask her for a second date. Good luck on your date.

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