How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook

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How To Verify Domain On Facebook

How do I verify my domain with Facebook? So, you may be wondering how to verify your domain on facebook? This is a question that arises in many people.

Today, in this article we will be dishing out a detailed explanation that would guide you on how to verify your domain on Facebook.

Just sit back and relax. Fasten your sit belt while we unravel the step by step guide.

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Now, Facebook always pay attention to the integrity  of contents posted. Therefore, domain verification  is a way to protect such integrity, publishers contents  and links.

The importance of you verifying your domain on Facebook can never be overemphasize. Hence, it protects your contents on Facebook and it makes you claim ownership of your domain in Facebook business manager.
Sometimes Facebook can block your link (URL) rendering you unable to share your contents on Facebook. This can be frustrating ,because it will keep you at bay from reaching a large number of people on Facebook when you want to share your posts from your websites or blog to your Facebook page.

What Is Domain Verification?

How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
Domain Verification simply means a way of claiming ownership of your domain  in your business manager. In other words, it implies  that you have been verified to Facebook that you own a specific website (domain).
With Domain verification you are allowed to control any link editing and other contents to avoid misuse.
Domain verification tells Facebook that the website link you are editing is legitimately yours and linked to your Facebook Business Page.

How To Verify Your Domain In Facebook Business Manager

How do I verify my domain on Facebook Business Manager?
To verify your Facebook all you need to do is to;
1) Go to your Business Manager settings here:
Sign in there. It is automatically free once you have a Facebook account, then click on business settings. Once you click on the business settings it will show your account and all that has to do with your  business account settings on Facebook.
2) Under it is brand and safety, domains  In the left column, go to Brand Safety and then Domain
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
3. From the domains spot you can add your domain that you own.  Click the “Add” button and then enter your domain name. You  will see an icon showing add. Add your domain and your blog name. This can be for anything including company.
4. Follow the instructions to verify the domain. Once you are done with adding it then you have to verify the domain. This is a crucial part of your journey to unblocking your url.

Verification Options

How do I verify domain? In Facebook Business Manager, you have three options for verifying your domain name.

There are three approaches to use their;
1.DNS verification approach
2.Meta tag verification
3.And HTML  file upload.
Note; In the aforementioned, you only need one method  for verification.  What this mean is that  there is no need to apply  all three available  options.
All you need do is to pick one of the methods. Choose which method works best for your website and follow the steps.

DNS Verification

1.Log in to your domain registrar and visit to the DNS settings page
2. Add a new DNS record of type TXT
3.Enter a @ symbol in the hostname field (if required)
4.In the content field you can paste the verification TXT record provided in Business Manager
5.Return to Business Manager and click ‘Verify’

Meta-tag Verification

You can verify your domain on Facebook using Facebook meta tag verification.
For meta-tag verification follow these simple steps ;
1.Open your website’s homepage code and look for the <head> section.
2.Add the meta-tag to the <head> section in the HTML code.
3.Confirm that the meta-tag is visible by viewing your website’s homepage HTML source code
4.Return to Business Manager and click ‘Verify’

HTML File Upload

Now,  lets say we are using the HTML file upload method, you have to download the HTML file. Once you download the HTML go to the Cpanel of where your website or blog is hosted.
Login and apply to the public directory of the domain or website.When you are done login in and click on the file manager .When you get to the file manager look out for the domain ,open the public folder then click upload.
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
Once it’s upload  log out of the cpanel. Then you will go back to Facebook  business click on verify to show the file has been uploaded

For clarity sake, follow these steps;

1.Download the HTML file.
2.Upload the file into the root folder of your website.
3.Return to Business Manager and click ‘Verify’
Once you click verify,  viola it’s been verified. With this you have verified your domain on Facebook, therefore you won’t be having issues of your url being blocked or stopping you from sharing contents on  your pages.

Assign the Domain to a Facebook Page (Add Assets)

Putting icing on the cake, you would have to add asset to the domain . To go about this, click on  “Add Assets‘ button after verifying the domain and assign the domain to a Facebook page that you own.  This would give you options to select as many Facebook pages you have.  So, in doing this,  you add the specific Facebook  page you want to add, after selecting it then you click add.
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook

 “Assign Partners”

Click on the “Assign Partner” button to give permissions to other businesses. You’ll need their business ID. This is optional though.
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook
The good thing about this is, once your domain is verified, you can share it with other businesses or connect it to other assets.
If you have other facebook pages you can as well select and add them too.Afterwards, go to the connected assets you would see those pages you added.
Viola you have finally verified your domain on facebook so you will no longer have any issues with blocking of your url on Facebook…. Ta-da , congratulations.
I hope you find this article useful on how to verify your domain on Facebook and it would help solve your problem.
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