How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship

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The defining moments of every relationship is the ability to wield through together. It is the ability to maintain and sustain a healthy relationship no matter the weather.

A healthy relationship is centered on the values you place or build on them.In this article, I will show you 12 tips to make sustain a healthy relationship. Having said that, now let’s take a deep look at that one thing that encompasses many other factor that can sustain a healthy relationship.

What Can Sustain A Healthy Relationship-Values?.

Values are beliefs or principles of people. Values are the important things, or  what shows and build our identity.

A lot of factors are great determinant of a healthy relationship. However, the whole thing is centered on values. Having a healthy relationship and sustaining it demands value. You and your partner are required to share common values.

One of the heartbreaking and sad thing to happen in your relationship is going  through your relationship and failing to understand  the core values to consider to sustain a healthy relationship.

Sometimes, people, who understand what value is, or individuals with values would always question themselves, if they don’t get same energy in return,  because the society makes good look bad and bad look good. Notwithstanding, no matter what, you can never take away the place of values in our life and our relationship, regardless of what the society says about it. Without values many things would go completely wrong.  Values plays a huge part in our life’s and relationship.

In relationships value should be a great tool. It should be something that is not optional or has substitute. As one in a relationship, it is very important that you arm yourself with values. Relationship fueled with values can whither the storm and challenges that may arise. It is the value in your relationship that will help you maintain it during turbulent times. Consequently, values in a relationship are those principles or things that will keep your relationship alive and make it a successful one.

Having laid the foundation here are 12 core values that will sustain a healthy relationship.

1. Communication.

As a relationship value, communication is an essential tool to sustain a healthy relationship. Bonding disorder may happen when there is no effective communication between partners. As a couple communication should be a top priority. Talk with each other, talk about your feelings, be open to your partner, if their is something that is not going on right or you are uncomfortable in the relationship talk about it, share your goal’s, disagreement, make sure you align in same page and make everything clear. In the final analysis, put each other first in the relationship.

2. Accountability.

Every relationship has its up and down. Mistakes are bound to occur at one point or the other. However, the ability of the partners to account or own up to their mistakes without shifting blames will help your relationship to flourish. Apologize to your partner when you mess up. Own up to the mess, but don’t just own, make your partner understand that you recognized that you made a mistake.

3. Honesty.

Building and sustaining  a healthy relationship requires honesty. As a couple, it is important you and your partner are truthful to each other.  However, honesty is a core value in relationship that needs to be given priority. Without a doubt, this very value is important in sustaining a healthy relationship.

When you and your partner have the same values, they become the nutrient that nourishes your relationship. Honesty is non negotiable to maintain and sustain a healthy relationship.

4. Be Intentional.

There may be no right or wrong reasons to be in a relationship. But there are reasons that can’t sustain the relationship. For instance, money can may buy love but it can buy the happiness that follows. If you are in a relationship because of money or sexual benefits, what happens when the money is not there again or you can’t match up with the sexual desires of your partner?  A man who decides to be in a relationship or marry a woman because she has big waist, the reason might not be wrong but the big waist alone can’t sustain the relationship/marriage . A relationship  needs value, and other ingredients. So before going into a relationship, be clear about your intentions so as to be able to sustain that relationship. Remember, looks may fade away but what doesn’t change is your intention.

5. Commitment.

One of the great element of relationship is commitment. Sustaining a healthy relationship doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a process that needs commitment. It takes more than love for your relationship to be strong. That is where commitment comes in.

Building a successful  relationship demands commitment. A healthy relationship will take a lot of work and commitment to sustain.

6. Respect.

This is one of the core value to sustain every relationship. Mutual respect is an essential substance in a relationship. Therefore healthy relationship should be built on mutual respect .

7. Keep Your Passion Alive.

Truth remains that relationship needs to be nurtured to keep your passion alive. The passion, the burning desire in the begining needs to be watered and kept alive, because love has a magical feeling that can lose its effect if not handle properly. Once the flame is out, slowly but surely things would begin to have crack and fade away.

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8. Trust.

Many people struggle with maintaining or sustaining their relationship because they don’t have faith in their partners. They lack trust. Trust is the building block and the foundation of every relationship. It is an essential value that holds a relationship. In every relationship trust has a huge value. If you have trust on your partner, you can count on him or her always. You need to build trust in your relationship little by little, it will help you rely on your partner. Cultivate that habit of having faith in your partner, and watch your relationship flourish like the palm tree. Where their is trust there will be no room to over think even if your partner is not there. However, if you have any doubt, communicate to your partner, iron things out and keep it going.


People have a strong reaction when it comes to emotions. Even the slightest of mistakes can lead to a major conflicts.

No relationship is ever smooth completely. As time goes on there are bound to be challenges, pot holes, misunderstanding, disagreement and conflict. Partners can be angry with each other for different reasons. Consequently, the action of one partner can actually hurt the feelings of the other. Yes, humans are bound to make mistakes, and at one point or the other everyone has had experiences where they were deeply hurt in a relationship, and even feel disappointed, at same time angry at their partner, regardless forgiveness will make a clean slate. It will sustain your relationship through the trying and hard times. It can even help heal your pains. However, no matter the mistake, forgiveness is a key value to keep going.

10. Appreciate Your partner.

Gratitude is a sign of growth in a relationship. To sustain a healthy relationship don’t always see the negative, take out time to see the positive side of things, what your partner is doing well and appreciate them. Don’t take your partner for granted, help him or her boost his or her confidence when you appreciate them. It shows that you value them in your life and relationship.

11. Empathy.

In as much as we are different beings in a relationship, couple with the fact that no one can be everything we want them to be in a relationship, there are also core values that should never be neglected to sustain a healthy relationship, and one of those value is empathy. Empathy simply means you putting yourself in the position of others. In other words, your ability to understand how others feel, share the feelings of one another. For every healthy relationship empathy is very important. Paying attention to your partners emotion, how they feel, what the feel, what’s going on in their life will keep you close to them thereby creating a bond between you both, because when you look into their eyes you could feel their emotions. You can recognize the feelings of your partner when you have empathy.

12. Support.

Another core value of sustaining a healthy relationships is by being supportive to your partner. Having that special partner that support you is a big plus in every relationship. It could be in his or her career, businesses, finance, emotional support etc. A supportive partner will always be there to boost up your confidence when you are feeling down, to encourage you, and project you to success.

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