How To Stop The Negative Effect Of Social Media

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If you can’t function properly without social media or checking your social media account or the first thing you do when you wake up is to pick up your phone and head straight to social media, it is a sign that you have fallen victim to the negative effects of social networks.

10 Ways To Stop The Negative Effect Of Social Media.

Though social media has its positive impacts, but everything that has an advantage surely has its disadvantages. The burning question has always been if there a way to stop or prevent the negative effect of social media?  Yes, absolutely there is. Anything that has a problem must have a solution.

In this article I will share with you 10 negative effects of social media and how to stop them.

1. Waste Of Time.

When you are spending too much time on social media, the first thing you need to do is to acknowledge that you are, and then activate time limits on your social network  app. The mobile apps for Facebook and Instagram have a time tracking feature .This function allows you to set a daily time limit and when that limit is reached, this setting prevents you from logging into the app.

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2. Addiction.

For some users, moving away from their smartphone can be a real cause for anxiety. This is a serious problem and if not dealt with, could escalate into a whole lot of other things.
The best thing for you to do at this point is to launch and take up this challenge. Off your mobile phone or perhaps stay away from it, start gradually like an hour a day.
Get involved in sports activities to keep your mind away from social media.
The idea is to stay away from your phone

3. Unproductivity.

The best thing you can do to curl unproductivity, due to the constant use of social media is to draw up a to-do list, where you write down tasks that needs to be done and deadlines for each, in coordination to your goals. Do away with distractions and have priorities.

4. Dereliction.

Family and relationships should always be a priority in one’s life. So, don’t allow social media to interfere with your responsibilities, nor your relationships with your family, friends, or spouse. To stop this, dedicate a time in a day where you check your social media accounts, so as to keep you from subconsciously logging in e.g 5 pm everyday.

5. Unhealthy Sleep Pattern.

Unhealthy sleep pattern is common among young social media users, some stay up all night which leaves them exhausted in the morning.
The best solution for this is to sleep without your phone, keep you smartphone in your sitting room or anywhere you can’t reach for it.

6. Identity Theft.

Social media is not a safe space, hackers can access your account remotely and there is only little you can do to prevent this.
Enable two factor authentication: this will help you recover your account incase of any complication and keep your login details to yourself.

7. The FOMO Syndrome.

You need to break this bad habit of being online all the time, in fact some of my friends that are bloggers face this issue.
To deal with this, set a timer and go offline as soon as the time is up. I know it is going to be hard, but if you are determined to change, you can do it.

8. Seeking Validation.

Many people especially influencers now need likes and comment to confirm the validity of what they publish.
Only you can help you because this isn’t a habit it is a mindset that you need to change, most times what you post are things you won’t normally do behind the  camera, in other words you are living a fake life.

9. Loss Of Concentration.

Loss of concentration is a negative effect of regular using of social media. To beat this you need to reduce the time you spend online, and have clear goals and objectives for your day so as to avoid vulnerability and amplify concentration.

10. Drop In Academic Grades.

Students who spend endless hours on social networks are mostly affected, because it takes a toll on there grades.
To prevent this inevitable outcome, students need to reaccess their priority to understand what is important and what isn’t, thereby cutting down their time on social networks.

In conclusion, have you been a victim of the negative effect of social media?  How did you manage it or stop it?  Please, feel free to share with us.

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