How To Make Money From YouTube

The Millionaire Method: What the Rich Don’t Want You to Know

If you have been wondering how on earth people make money on YouTube, then you are in the right place, but the first thing I want you to know, is that YouTube is not a fast money making scheme, you have to do the hard work. Nothing good comes easy.

Currently, money is mainly made on YouTube through YouTube videos monetization. YouTube monetization is the way in which YouTube partners earn money through the displaying of ads on their videos, you have probably watched a lot of YouTube videos. Those short video that plays before the main video starts they are called ads. Companies, businesses or even individuals pays YouTube to display those ads either to reach more customers or for any other purpose. The first thing to know is that YouTube pays for the videos based on CPM, which means Cost Per Thousand impressions. This indicates that YouTubers are paid based on every 1,000 views they accumulate.

The income depends on several factors, for example the advertising format chosen, the location of the viewers, the resources a company invests in it’s YouTube campaign. But generally, 1,000 views are worth a few dollars, if you can make your videos trend on YouTube in this case. The views would not stop at a few thousand, but would reach a considerable total. However, keep in mind that your video contents must be 100% original and must never break monetization rules, meaning that you can’t download or copy someone else video and publish, you must create you own content, to prevent YouTube from freezing your account.

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Become A YouTube Partner.

The first step to YouTube monetization is to become a YouTube partner. But know that not everyone can monetize with YouTube, at least not immediately, because there are minimum requirements to be achieved. Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours in 12 months. Which is basically the only thing keeping you from making money from YouTube instantly. There are other sources of income on YouTube, it is not limited to advertisement. I will briefly introduce you to these other forms of income.

Channel Subscription:

The subscriptions to the channel allow users to support you through monthly subscription fees in exchange for benefits that is reserved exclusively to them.

The Merchandising Shelf.

This allows some creators to promote sponsored products or services, that are related to their channel’s video content for a fee.

Super Chat and Super Sticker.

This allow you to interact with users in live chats, in the super chat feature, the users can purchase certain messages in the super sticker feature, it will enable users to sometimes pin images or messages on top of your live chat feed for a fee mainly to get you attention. Regardless, you need to be a YouTube partner to access this options, so it is important that you reach the YouTube minimum requirements, which are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to enable you make money from YouTube.

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