How To Make Money From Social Media

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4 Ways To Make Money With Social Media

Over the course of a few years, many companies have harnessed the power of social media, thereby changing their marketing approach, which now rely on popular social media users to promote their products, creating new online earning opportunities, which i would share with you today.

I would like to show you how to earn with social networks by proposing various social media money making techniques and with the right amount of effort, strategy and luck, it is possible to obtain appreciable results. We will take a look on how to make money from social media. Below are 4 ways you can make money from social media.

1. Earn Through Affiliations.

One of the main ways to make money with social networks is to use affiliate services. Their operation is simple, you register with them e.g. jumia or konga, noms stores digital affiliate program and generate sponsored links also called referral links, which are inserted in the posts to be published on your social accounts and encourage the users to purchase goods and services through them.

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If users purchase products through the affiliate links, the company that owns the affiliate network pays the user who owns the link a percentage of the profit. But, to make it big you need a large social media fan base or followers and avoid spamming your page with the affiliate links, choose quality over quantity. It will also help to build an emotional connection to your followers and increase engagement.

2. Collaborating With Brands.

When it comes to making money with social networks, the minds of many immediately go to the so-called influencers who collaborate with famous brands to advertise various products or services for a fee. To use this form of monetization for your social accounts, which in recent years has taken hold especially on instagram, you need to have a very popular account. Companies want to reach a very wide audience and, for this reason they are willing to collaborate. But only with users who are very popular.

If you have a social media account that is popular, you can propose a collaboration to one or more brands by contacting them via email (you can find more information on the companies contact on their websites). Remember to link your social account to the message, specifying your number of followers also providing your contact details.

3. Selling Goods or Services.

Selling goods or services on social networks is another earning opportunity to consider. It is possible to make sales directly or indirectly on any social network.

On instagram, those who have a business profile can take advantage of the shopping function. This function allows you to publish photos of products tagging them with the list prices, complete with a link to the online stores in which to make the purchase.

On facebook, on the other hand, it is possible to connect to your business page to the products offered for sale on an e-commerce created with ad hoc services. If you want, you can also sell your products by creating a virtual showcase or through the marketplace function .

4. Earning With Your Photos.

If your speciality is in photography, you could make a job out of it, pictures can be sold to magazines, newspapers or even to private individuals. For instance, in the form of prints, posters or gadgets. You can actually make a fortune out of this with your hardwork, dedication, commitment and most especially if you know your onion. Many photographers are already making a lot of money with this method using instagram. There are many opportunities for those who work with photographs on instagram.

In this regard, I also advise you to build an emotional connection with your followers to promote interaction and engagement.


In conclusion social media goes beyond connecting with people, watching videos or chatting. You can also sell, promote products and services on social media.

In recent time, social media has become so powerful that it has been tagged as the most popular platform, engaging so many users. It has opened opportunities for business to grow. However, for people that are wise, following the trend, social media has become a tool to make money for them, it has become their source of income in one way or the other. People utilize their skills and talents to earn through social media.

There is no better time to know how to make money from social media than now. That is why this blog post is hitting your door step for you to wake up and get to work, utilize the opportunities that comes from social media to the fullest. Millions of people are connected to social media on daily basis. You can actually make money from social media. With over 3.7 billion users, social media is a good opportunity to make money. Stop those unnecessary chat that doesn’t benefit you and make money with your phone. Find out what works for you, map out a good strategy to execute your plans. Consistency is the key, therefore you must be diligent, you must be committed and watch your self make cool money from social media.

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