How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network

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In today’s, blog post we will be sharing a few thought on how to make blogger custom domain open on glo network in Nigeria.

While we understand fully well that it’s purely in people’s best interest to surf the net and find useful information and values, we cannot also overlook the fact that we have got to make our blog/site user friendly and also easy to navigate for users and visitors.

Expectations really don’t cease but instead mount with every performance.

What weighs more heavily on one, far more than the extra work put together in writing articles, researching,and sleepless nights of writing posts?.

All these is enough to bring, uneasy burden and frustration, and then knowing fully well that your blog doesn’t go hand in hand with glo network will even make the weight heavier and more frustrated. No blogger on BLOGSPOT is exempted from this.

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One of the major challenge for blogspot users , generally is, Glo not opening blogspot or blogger.

What can be more frustrating than your blog not able to open using glo network? This really will get visitors who uses glo as their network provider bored and may not even want to visit your site again. It may increase bounce rate.

Amongst other top telecommunication network in Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat etc)Glo network is one of the largest telecommunication network in Nigeria with millions of subscribers.

It’s a homemade network. However, Glo offers large chunk of data. Their more data subscription than other networks in Nigeria made them to establish the moniker, “Grand Master of data.” when it comes to the volume of data subscription,unlike every other network provider around.

Glo remains a force to reckon with as far as Mobile Internet is concerned in Nigeria, therefore it behoves me to say that getting traffic from its users is a big win. It is very important. Why did I say so? You will agree with me that nothing is as bad when it comes to Blogging as losing visitors,readers/users to a network not opening your blog pages.

Do you know also that chances are big that you can be losing traffic if your blog fails to open on a certain network service provider? Now, you know what am talking about.

I remember vividly, I faced this same issue. When i started Blogging (using the google hosted domain) there was no issue with opening the blog with glo network. Meaning while i was still using i didn’t experience this for any day.

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But, when i switched to custom domain i noticed this problem. However ,I was worried even people that know my blog was complaining that the can’t reach the site using their glo sim.

Traffics began to drop down drastically after getting a custom domain. It became an eyesore to me, that i had to call glo customer care while also making researches on how to overcome this.

However, in the long run glo could not provide answer to the issue. They were not able to profer solution. I became worrier than before.

Note,  bloggers that face this kind of problem (Glo not opening Blogspot) are those that have had custom domain activated on their blog and https is on.

Note; This issue is peculiar to BLOGSPOT bloggers. Those using WordPress don’t have this issue, the Blogspot users are the ones facing this issue.

Today, many bloggers who started with BLOGSPOT have switched from blogspot to wordpress because of this issue.

The only positive you can take from this is  that except you are using Opera mini while connected to Glo, you will be unable to open sites hosted on blogger using any other web browser.

But this isn’t enough going forward because so many people out there make use of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer but it can be opened through these.

As a Blogger out their who is using blospot platform that is facing this same issue, I guess you might be wondering if this problem is fixable. Definitely, YES. It is fixable.

Therefore, the purpose of writing this article is for you. It’s for us to unravel the step by step ways to put an end to this pain in the ass.

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So, you have to pay careful attention to every details we are going to be dropping in due course.

What To Do Before You Can Make Blogger Open On Glo

In order for you to solve the, Glo not opening blogspot issue, you first need to check some things on your blogspot after connecting your custom domain.

  1. Make sure your custom domain is connected with your blogspot account the right way.
  2. Make sure your blogspot https is activated and redirected. Just as shown below:-

Note: Before this could be fully activated, you may wait for few minutes . Once activated, then follow the steps below.

How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network In Nigeria

Without  further  ado,  here are the things you need ;

    • Email Address
    • Access to your domain name registrar
    • Desktop/Mobile device

This doesn’t consume much time. Probably a matter of two to five minutes you will be done. All you need to do is change the DNS on your domain name registrar.

Step one on how to make blogger custom domain open on Glo network in Nigeria

(a): Go to cloudflare website and sign up with your email and choose a password for yourself. Check your mailbox to verify your email few seconds after or do that after the process.

(b): When you are done signing up successfully, insert your  domain name into it. Add your site and then click on begin scan for cloudflare to scan it. e.g and continue.


(c):Your blogger CNAME and IP addresses  will pop up in the box automatically. It will show you the list of CNAME and IP in the current domain registrar.

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After this, you’re required to select a Cloudflare plan. Choose free plan. Consequently, you can only use one domain name on free plan.

After clicking on free plan, scroll down and confirm plan. After it has scanned your site, it will show you your A records and CNAME records.

All you need to do is to toggle ON (turns yellow when on) all the records status that are available for that action.

Scroll down to continue.

(d): Immediately  you are successful in (c) above, the next thing you will see is your current DNS server and cloudflare will provide you with ones to change that two DNSs with.

Like i pointed out, nameservers will be given to you by cloudfare in your domain registrar  or where you bought your domain. Use it, copy them or write them down somewhere.

(e): Click on i need help changing my name server, select your domain registrar and click on Step-by-step instructions If you didn’t know how to on your domain registrar. Click on the instruction given.

Click to activate the https on blogger

Then click on the DNS section and add your blogger DNS details to it.  Viola you are good to go.

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