How To Handle Rejection From A Girl You Love.

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9 Ways To Deal With Rejection From A Girl You Love.

Have you been rejected before?  In this article today we would be taking a look at how to handle rejection from a girl you love. Stay tuned!

How To Handle Rejection From A Girl You Love.
How To Handle Rejection From A Girl You Love.

Man by nature craves and strive deeply on daily basis to belong and to be accepted. It’s a wholesome common needs and wants for humans in different works of life , including relationship.

No matter how hard and tough ,we human could be rejection is the number one fear among human beings. Being rejected in love hurts a lot.

Rejection is part of life. It stings so hard. It is always a possibility in life. As we go about our hustles in Life and going about things we need,want and desire we should know that rejection is always on the  wings waiting.

Whether big, small , rejection affects every one.

Consequently, being rebuffed can be hard to take. Sadly, no is a word we’re probably going to hear a lot more.

We all will experience this short but scary word “NO” Therefore, you musnt be a cry baby when you hear it. Learn to live and deal with it.

No one has actually succeeded in love or generally in life without first facing rejection at one point or the other.

Dating rejection is among the most hurtful and painful kinds of rejection.

Getting rejected sucks. So how do you deal with rejection?

Ensuing ,are ways you on how to handle rejection from a girl you love when asking her out.

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1. Remind yourself That She Could Say “Yes” or “No”.

This is actually the first step to handle or deal with rejection before it comes. Before you even ask her out, know this.

Nothing is actually 100% guaranteed or promised in life. Even in relationship, marriages .We live each passing day with the hope of survival and getting the best out of it.

Anyone that wants to go into dating or relationship should know that rejection is part of the whole shit.

It’s unavoidable part of the dating game.  This is what everyone would have to deal with from time to time regardless of the season.

What  makes life beautiful is that everyone have a will and can take decisions .

Nobody, owes you a YES. Everyone has the right to say Yes or No.

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Sadly, but truth, before you ask a girl out, have it in the back of your mind that she has the right to say  Yes or No. Her opinion is not tied or glued to you.

Yes is not an automatic right, you have to earn it.

2. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk, Move On.

One of the worst thing that can happen is when you stick around longer, even when you are seeing the red flag that the person doesn’t want you.

Some guys may say I was been nice to her, I did this for her, I bought that for her, I sacrificed this for her.

Before you do all these, read the signs.
If she is not interested it will always show.

Instead of being overly nice, spending, sacrificing, you have to watch and know  the signs of when you’re being rejected. It will really help  you not to be hurt so much.

Therefore, know your limit when it comes to asking a girl out, don’t over shoot your shot if you are not seeing green light.

Don’t be over persistent. Pull out when you see this sign early enough.

3. Try So Much To Forget About The Person.

This is one of the hardest job to do especially when you are so into the person.

How does it feel to get rejected by a girl you love, someone you really wanted to be with.? It feels horrible ,right?. It hurts.

Yeah, it sucks? But chasing after someone who rejected you ,who doesn’t want you is a waste of time. It will make you lose respect and ground especially if her no is firm.

Going over the top to forget your love interest who doesn’t see you the way you see her is never a bad idea.

Everyone has a way of dealing with people who rejected them so as to forget them. For me for failed relationship, I delete contact and from every social media handle.

That’s the only way I can put myself together and move on.

So, you have got to cut your losses, forget her and move on. Instead of scratching  your head trying to figure out why you are rejected and all that.

4. Don’t Hit On Yourself/Blame Yourself.

We seems to beat ourselves up, bearing the cause of our misfortunes- rejection.

When someone said “No” to you , definitely it is going to register the negative thought on your head- that you are not good enough.

It’s going to bring down your self esteem to the lowest elb and the questions would be asked by you about your self worth and all that.

Instead of taking positive from the rejection we begin to take it personal, blaming ourselves in the long run.

Yes! More often than not, most of us take rejection personal and at the end we end up hitting ourselves very hard. That’s a wrong approach.

According to McCance.

“When we hear ‘no’ we ask ourselves what’s wrong with us,” she said.

Move on even though it hurts .Don’t let it hold you back from living your life.

5. Don’t Write Yourself Off As A Loser.

Have you ever been to an interview or audition and at the end ,the intervieer or the judges ,on giving you feed back asserts “You were great but we preferred another candidate”.

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You did well but am sorry ,you can’t go further for the audition”.How does that sound? Oh shit that sounds like you are a failure right? Perhaps, it sounds mean to you.

But if you are a man with, dream, vision and understanding ,this would not stop your from moving on, pressing on , applying somewhere else until another person will see the value in you that the former could not see.

Remind yourself that rejection happens to everyone, then pick up yourself and move on instead of allowing yourself to be dejected and devastated.

This is applicable to a girl saying “No” to you. You don’t need to write off yourself, accept it and keep trying elsewhere.

From the aforementioned, as a job seeker, literally you know that to land one or two interviews, you must apply to different employers of job.

There are many fishes in the river, it is now left for you to lunch your net deep, to get it. Don’t write your self off yet.

Your crush or love interest is not the only person in the world.

6. Don’t Let Rejection Define You.

There is always a drowning spirit ,a sinking feeling down to your belly when your crush doesn’t like you back. That’s life for you.

Not everyone is going to love you. Sometimes, feelings could be mutual and reciprocated, thereby you feel butter flies in your belly.

Some other time it may not be mutual at all or even reciprocated. You have to realize this ,that not everyone would want to be with you.

The truth is you really can’t control how someone feels for you.

There is nothing so humiliating than seeing your love interest rejecting you. The goddess you probably won’t go a day without thinking about.

So, you were rejected by the person you love or were crushing on. It hurts, I know. The pain of rejection is real. The pangs hit hard.

There might actually be days that you seize to function. Probably, you are brooding, wallowing and drowning in the ocean of rejection.

Someone’s or one person’s opinion should not define who you are. Rejection doesn’t define you. Don’t sit in rejection.

You can only add value to the person whose priority align with yours so move forward because your self worth doesn’t depends on people’s opinions.

7. Learn From Your Experience.

Instead of sitting in the corner and brooding, why not turn the table around by working on personal and self development.

Learn from rejection. See it as an opportunity for self growth.

Know that every rejection is a process you learn from it and be a better you.

Learn your lessons, know your mistakes, try to be a better version of yourself. Use rejection as an opportunity to move forward. Recognize where you can improve.

8. Take Care Of Yourself.

After rejection, we feel emotions and down. It’s okay to feel emotions. While you give yourself time to grieve  don’t neglect yourself in the process.

Eat well, sleep well, distract yourself from negative things. Do what you like doing, what makes you happy. Go out with friends who would effect positive change to you, meet new people.

Engage in physical exercises like playing football, table tennis or going out to the gym. All these activity would distract you, force you to concentrate outside of ourselves and live in the moment.

Hope you found this article interesting on how to handle rejection from a girl you love. You can drop your comment, if you would like us to add anything.

Also, don’t forget to share too. Thanks.

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