How To Fix Blog Post Showing Twice On Blogger.

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Are your blog posts showing twice on your blogger blog? You want to know how we can fix this? Are you tired? Or you think it can’t be done?  Don’t throw in the towel yet.

In this article we will give you step by step guides on how to fix blog posts showing twice on blogger. 

Truly, it can be so frustrating as a blogger when your blog post repeats contents in pages twice after spending quality time to create such contents.

This could pose a serious challenge to so many bloggers out there who are beginners or simply put, who are not too tech savvy. Because of this, they may perturbed of these errors caused by some template errors.

This could probably be a case of double HTML of blog post in the template or other errors.

Note this: Double post problem could have occurred when you tried changing your blog template. It may not necessarily be, because of your template.

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Remember, blogger always ask you whether you want to delete a widget or choose to keep it when you upload a new template.

This option is useful but issues arises when the Blog1 widget and Blog2 Widget clashes. Blog1 and Blog2 are post widget therefore the post will appear double.

Consequently, this problem don’t look nice at all. It would bore users of your site when scrolling to read other news, articles etc, because after reading one ,the post would appear once again.

Yes ,you are frustrated about it right?

However, when it comes to blogging, it is always sound for you to serve your audience the best contents as well as easy ride on your site or blog.

Ever had this problem before?

Yes, I was also a victim of this error when I started blogging before now.

Nevertheless, I was able to solve the problem after making some research on how to get rid of it.

The ability of your users to navigate through your site at ease should be one of your priorities as a blogger  for easy usage. It is not good to give your readers, or make them see the same post twice.

How To Fix Blog Post Showing Twice On Blogger.

You might be wondering how do we fix this? Worry not the solution is at your door step.

If you are tired and disturbed as a blogger about the double post issue and eager to solve it immediately, then you can follow these simple steps to stop it.

These can help you resolve the problem, if you can follow the instructions correctly.

Use this Secret Weapon and get rid of your problems completely.
How To Fix Blog Post Showing Twice On Blogger.
How To Fix Blog Post Showing Twice On Blogger.
  1. First of all copy this very small CSS
    1  #Blog2
    2  {
    3  visibilityhidden;
    4  displaynone  !important;
    5  }

  2. Now Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Customize > Advanced >Add CSS

    Note, CSS for those of you who don’t understand coding language stands for Cascading Style Sheets.

CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed on screen, paper, or in other media. CSS saves a lot of work.

It can control the layout of multiple web pages all at once. External stylesheets are stored in CSS files. Ok, now let’s proceed.

3.On the right input area paste the CSS given above and Apply to Blog. When you are done, reload your blog and then check.

If you did everything correctly, then it will disappear, but even after you have done everything and it doesn’t go then clear your cookies and reload your blog.

How To Fix Blog Post Showing Twice On Blogger.
How To Fix Blog Post Showing Twice On Blogger.

Is there another way to fix this or method?

Yes, I have got one more for you. Follow me

In-order to fix this problem. You have to delete a line of code. Follow these steps:

Note: Dont forget to backup your template before editing the code.

1. Go to edit HTML
2. Find the below code

<b:widget id=’Blog1′ locked=’true’ title=’Blog Posts’ type=’Blog’/>


<b:widget id=’Blog2′ locked=’true’ title=’Blog Posts’ type=’Blog’/>

3. Just delete the second  code

<b:widget id=’Blog2′ locked=’true’ title=’Blog Posts’ type=’Blog’/>

I hope this article on how to fix blog post showing twice on blogger help you to solve the issue because it worked for me too.

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