How To Change The Nameservers For your Domain In Domainking

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Ever asked how do I change the name servers (DNS) on my domain name? How do I point my domain name to different name servers? Then this article is for you.

You are a website owner or blogger who is keen on moving your blog from google hosted blogspot to a self hosted one like, WordPress or you just want a different host for your blog, regardless. Maybe you already have a custom domain with one domain registrar company , however you feel you want to host your blog with another hosting company.  You have the options of choosing a hosting company you want your blog or website to be hosted.

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To get your domain working on your server with whichever hosting company you choose , you will need to change nameserver and then point your domain to their server. In otherwords, you can actually transfer your domain to the new hosting provider. Using domainking as an example, let’s say you have an already registered domain over their but you want to buy host somewhere else, you will have to change the domain nameservers at domainking to the ones provided by your new web host. That is you connecting to the web hosting account you have set up. In simple term , your registered domain with domainking , will point to name servers at where the site is hosted- lets say you hosted it with Abollyhost.

Consequently, your domain name will always stay with the former domain company provider because the registrar is all intact. You can actually transfer your domain DNS to your new hosting provider without altering your domain registrar.

Before you set out to edit your nameservers, you need to know, have the new nameserver records to apply. However, if you notice after migrating this doesn’t direct visitors to your blog/websites, then you have got to check your domain if is connected to the new web host properly.

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Having said that, quickly this will lead us to  the steps to take to change nameserver,  but first let’s understand  what nameserver is.

What Is Nameserver?

How To Change The Nameservers For your Domain In Domainking
How To Change The Nameservers For your Domain In Domainking

As a blogger or a website owner, you probably might have come across different terms relating to the internet world. However, amongst the lot you have come across,  nameserver is a fundamental part, around the internet . I know many would have this question on their lips, what is nameserver? What exactly does it do? Let me save you the stress and throw a little light on it. So follow me.

Nameservers basically are the chief DNS controller. They are very important, hence it connect definite URLs along with the right IP address of the site server. They connect information’s that can be decoded and humans can understand easily at the same time making it comfortable for computers to comprehend. Nameserver makes the internet run. They route traffics around the internet.

How To Change The Nameservers For your Domain In Domainking
How To Change The Nameservers For your Domain In Domainking

Nameserver is a crucial server on the internet. It is a vital part of the domain name system. Queries involving the location of the domain names are been handled by nameserver. In other words, it holds all records which websites are located.

Simply put, name servers describe your domains current DNS provider. Your website won’t function properly without the right nameserver settings.

As stated earlier, the purpose of  this article today, is to learn how to point a domain to a host by changing the domain nameservers, using domainking as a case study.

How To Change The Nameservers For your Domain In Domainking

Having laid this foundation, to change your Nameservers for your domain registered with domainking , you need to follow the following steps:

1) First, you have to  login into your Domainking Client panel

2)Go to the client area and click on “My Domains” link on the top navigation bar.

How To Change The Nameservers For your Domain In Domainking
How To Change The Nameservers For your Domain In Domainking

3) Click on the “Manage this Domain” icon next to the domain for which you want to change the Nameservers.

4) Scroll down to Nameservers category and then select one of the following option:

“Use default nameservers” Select this option to point your domain to the default free DNS Nameservers. This is an example  of the default Nameservers.

“Use custom nameservers (enter below)”: Select this option if you want to enter any custom Nameservers of your hosting provider.

5) After you have entered your preferred Nameservers then click on “Save Changes” button to apply the changes.

Note: After nameservers have been changed, you will have to wait for the DNS settings to propagate across all ISPs.  This might take up to 24-48 hours for the change of nameserver to take effect.

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We hope this article will be useful to you and help you learn how to change nameservers and point a domain to another host.

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