How To Brand Your Business On A Tiny Budget.

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How to brand your business on a tiny budget
How to brand your business on a tiny budget

10 ways To Brand Your Business On A Tiny Budget.

Do you have a business, big or small? Or are you looking on how to brand your business on a tiny budget?

You really don’t need the whole world to kick start. You need branding whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while.

Without breaking the bank or blowing out your budget, there are certain things you can do to foster your business, grow, stand out, attract customers’ attention, and make a lasting impression on them.

So, don’t let a limited budget stops you from branding your business. The power of business branding should not be neglected if you don’t want to make a big mistake in your business.

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Building a brand is a process that every business go through, to develop a memorable identity and gain more market recognition. This is Because customers have high expectations of the companies they rely on for goods and services.

To make money you have to spend money that is the basic law of business. However, even if you are on a tight budget, you can successfully promote your business effectively.

Here are 10 low cost strategies for promoting and branding your products, that will surely yield tangible results in no time. You just have to try these;

1. Customers Feedbacks

Talk to your current customers to get their feedback on your business, products and services and then improve your business through this feedbacks you get. Find out what led them to start a relationship with your business and what drives them to return. Use customer surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one interviews to gather these facts.

2. Have A Catchy Logo And Slogan For Your Company

Having a logo and slogan that are able to quickly convey to others what your establishment is all about, this will certainly be a great way to promote your brand.

All you have to do is to use them as much as possible within all your documents (for example, within your email messages) in order to make it recognizable in the eyes of your customers.

3. Make A Company Brochure

Any marketing campaign cannot fail to include the creation of a brochure to distribute to the people you meet and to whom you talk to about your products / services.

In fact, digital promotion today has the upper hand, but we can’t ignore the fact that giving paper material to your potential customers is something that facilitates being remembered and contributes to the spread of your brand.

4. Create A Website If You Don’t Already Have One

Creating a website is certainly an obligatory step in your marketing plan if you want to increase the chances of being found online by your users.

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Obviously, building a site involves a minimum investment but, in the end, you will realize that you have spent your money well.

Inserting a blog within your web pages also helps you not only to intercept more users, interested in your products and services, but also to have something of value to share with them, thus increasing trust in you and thus also conversions and sales.

5. Create A Facebook Business Page

Facebook is still one of the most followed social networks in the world and the one most used by companies to promote their business. Advertising on this network is growing year after year and everyone, from small to big brands, can no longer do without it.

Even if you can’t or don’t want to invest large capital in Facebook Ads , having a Facebook page is the least you can do to promote your company on this social network but, the ads target tools will help the ads managers to intercept really interested users and this for sure makes paid marketing campaigns on social networks even more effective .

6. Participate In Radio Broadcasts

If you have the opportunity, you can be a guest on radio shows. In fact, radio is still a very popular medium and compared to others, such as television, it is also much cheaper.

Participating in local radio broadcasts , for example, could help you reach that part of your target that is not present on the network and does not particularly follow the press or TV.

7. Develop Business Partnerships

Developing business partnerships with companies that target the same target as you is a great way to reduce the cost of advertising and create valuable synergies for the benefit of all partners.

8. Use Google Adwords

This is basically the exploitation of paid ads on Google to make your company better known and intercept more traffic to your site. This advertising mechanism foresees two cost models :

The CPM : Which stands for ” Cost per thousand impressions ” and this is buying space on Web pages by paying for a set number of impressions, or number of times the ad is shown.

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The CPC : Which instead stands for ” Cost per Click ,” where you are paid only the number of times a user clicks on your ad, not on the number of times it appears as above.

9. Business Plan

A business plan contains the organizational structure, the plan for the management of human resources, e.g. the number of employees, types of contracts, policies and tools for developing skills, analysis of the competitive context, through market research, typically conducted on the basis of accurate market informations, among many other things. A good business plan can be the difference between success and failure, as it helps legitimize your business in a professional way.

10. Hand Out Business Cards.

Whenever you have the opportunity, leave your business card to the people you meet and talk to them.

In addition to giving them tangible recognition of your profession, you will also make sure that they always have your phone number and your e-mail address available to contact you again. You could also customize gadgets, such as pens, key rings and t-shirts, with your brands name and gift your customers.

We hope this blog post how to brand your business on a tiny budget has given light to you as a business owner.

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