How To Ask A Guy Out: 7 Working Ways For Girls

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How To Ask A Guy Out

Ever wondered how to ask a guy out
Ever wondered how to ask a guy out

As a lady have you ever wondered how to ask a guy out? Is it okay for a girl to ask a guy out? You might have come across this question as a lady. Or are you wondering how to ask a guy out? Well, it’s a matter of preference you would say, but there is absolutely nothing wrong in a girl asking a guy out.

The rule of men asking women out is still in use today. It has been old-fashioned till date. And it is not likely to go away anytime soon.

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We’ve discussed whether or not women can ask men out on dates on several occasions. The answer is “No” for many of us. While for others, the answer is emphatically “Yes.” Everyone has different opinions, but that doesn’t mean they’re correct.

If you ask me, it is not inappropriate for a girl to approach a guy and tell him she loves him before asking him out.

Many things have been streamlined. Sometimes we have to question the status quo, especially when it comes to matters of love. Just because something has existed does not imply that it must continue. This is not to say that change will not occur. Things are changing as the world turns and time passes.

We have truly lived with the notion or misconception that only a guy can ask a girl out. There is always pressure on a lady to wait for a guy to say something to them, even if she knows she likes the guy and has a soft spot for him.

We have long held the belief that a lady should not speak to or woo a man if she is in love with him or loves him. Speaking of which, this would make the lady cheap, devalue her, and all sorts of other things.

According to Ruth 3:3, Naomi taught Ruth how to make Boaz fall in love with her. So there you have it.

Of a truth, Some guys are naturally shy. It’s a default setting for them. Therefore, that boldness, confidence to walk up to a lady and try to woo her is always missing in action.

Now, it’s really not out of place if a girl walk out to a guy and woo him. It may be on rare occasion but it’s viable.

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As a guy I have had such experience upteenth times whereby a girl walked up to me and said she likes me, she has a thing and feelings for me and she wants us to date. I mean all the clear signals were there ,the signs are written all over.

Many will argue that if a girl try to woo a guy or ask him out that he’s being desperate.

7 Ways To Ask A Guy Out

The big question now is how can a girl ask a guy out? Do you want to know how to ask a guy out? Below are some tips to help a lady ask a guy out.

1. Prepare For The Mission

Before embarking on a journey you have to first prepare. A builder who wants to build a house will first of all, prepare, he will plan and put some things in place before executing his or her plan.

Like many of us guys ,we don’t just wake up one morning and just ask a girl out . You must have nurture that thought in one way or the other in your heart before spearheading the attack to take action. This also is applicable to girls.

If you want to ask a guy out you must be prepare, either for positive or negative response. I mean what is the worst that could happen other than saying “No'” decently or in a polite manner.

You have to deal with it , it’s same thing many of us guys have to deal with. So keep this in mind that every man or woman has the right to say yes or No to something,and then prepare yourself to ask him out. This would help u not to get so much hurt if he rejects you.

2. Ask Him Out Over The Phone

How to ask a guy out
How to ask a guy out

We live in a fast paced world. What seems to be impossible and out of reach before has been brought to our door steps, and one of them is the use of phone.

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Technology has really made things easier in so many ways . However, for every problem there is always a solution or a way out of it. Where there is a will there is a way.

Consequently, as a girl who has a crush and If you really want to ask the guy out but you lack confidence, you are afraid to do it in person, or even maintain eye contact while speaking with him, just call him and relate it to him on the phone or better still text him.

3. Flip The Switch

One subtle way on how to ask a guy out is to flip the switch. You heard that right?  How does this sound to you?

Tradition, culture difference or background have made our ladies to not be the one to take the first shot. Mostly, they have never been one for making the first move.

In other hand, literally some girls had no idea how to go about it (asking a guy out) probably they are shy or terrified to make that first move and tell him ” I’m interested in you”.

Asking a guy out can be nerve-racking. It can be exhausting to a girl especially if you haven’t done it too often or master the dark art of the game as a girl.

However, you can roll the ball to his court and he will be the one to ask you out if he likes you with just a simple way and some cozy questions. Don’t be lame, shoot.

On the flip side, try to be more tricky here and wise as serpent. Flip the switch. Make him take the initiative from you, without it seeming like you are the one way doing it.

lf your love interest likes you, he would do the job unknowingly to him , taking off the pressure from you.

Guys are known for delivering cheesy pickup lines, so why not turn the tables by giving him one yourself?

You might wonder, how do I achieve this . It’s very simply use the following trick.

-Make him ask you out. Play the “Do you have a girlfriend?” game.

-You can also ask him if you are close to him or become close to him “When are you taking me out”… This idea work without it seeming like you are the one that really come up with the idea.

-You look much more like my next boyfriend. This would send a signal to him especially when he’s in love with you but he’s the shy type. It might be an avenue to open door for him.

4. Go Direct, Just Do It

Many ladies wonder how to ask a guy out. Maybe because they don’t know how to do it, lack confidence or feel intimidating. And so they are scared to take the initiative.

The truth is most men are flattered when a lady exudes confidence, expresses interest or asks them out.

If you like a guy, I see no reason you shouldn’t ask him out. Especially ,you are convinced about it.

The trick to asking a guy out is just to do it. Keep it simple, cool, direct and straight forward to your love interest.

Sometimes, too you might not know a guy can like you but don’t know how to say it to you. He feels shy and all that. You might not Know what you are getting if you take the move and ask him out your self if you notice and if you are interested in him also.

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He might be comfortable and easier for him knowing fully well that you are also interested in him.

If your gut tells you that a guy is interested, but really shy, then follow him up. Just do it.

5. Don’t Be Scared

A lot of girls are sitting around waiting for a guy to come to them. And they’re missing out on things they want.

If you have fallen for him, what are you waiting for? The worst that could happen is he says “No” so be bold enough to make a move. There is no harm in trying.

If you feel that he likes you but he lacks the courage to make the first move.Make him know your motives. Shoot your shot, but don’t be scared.

6. Ask Him Out In Person

You want to know how to ask a guy out?  Then you might as well take this tip. Ask him out in person.

When it comes to who makes the first move in dating, men are often and expected to be the first. This might be a bit hard to say for some ladies. It could really be nerve cracking.

However, it can be tough to know if a someone is into you through just a text or phone call. Amidst ,the jokes, laughter and excitement that comes with talking through the phone ,you can’t really know the true face of it all if you don’t see in person , so I advice you to have a one on one conversation in person. Then you would Know if all signs looks good to shoot.

In the scheme of light , you have to pay detail attention, watch his mood and the ambience. Read the situation. Watch his body language ,so you strike when the iron is hot.

Be bold and take the direct approach to ask him out.

7. Drop A Note

Many of us guys have used this particular method to ask a guy out especially in high school where you explore every possible options to get a girls attention . This also could work for girls.

Slip a note in a guy’s bag to ask him out. You could write a good love letter to a guy you are crushing on and slip it into his bag. Make it simple and clear . You could go with “,I like you”


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