13 Self-Care Routines For Reducing Stress And Anxiety

How Can I manage Stress And Anxiety With Self-Care? Self-care routines are essential to help you reduce stress and anxiety. Taking care of yourself can help you stay healthy and cope with daily life challenges. Self-care is an essential practice that can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Self-care routines are essential for reducing stress … Read more

Are We Ever Going To Democratize Health Care?

By Emenike Vincent Onyembi   We are wearing the masks because it is mandated by the government. That is the reason. At least for a majority of the people I have interacted with. It was never about protection for the larger percentage of the populace, myself included. This should not be shocking to anyone. Anyone … Read more

“NASS Jackpot And Our Docility”

By Emenike Vincent Onyembi   What can the people do? Change the constitution or electoral process? We have been raging about rape for the last few days, however, rage against appropriating money to renovating the National Assembly Complex at the expense of other critical and essentials structures and services can as well be focused on. … Read more

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