Buffalo Exchange: Everything You Should Know

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About Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange was born in 1974 on the corner of Grant and Campbell in Tucson, Arizona.

Kerstin and Spencer Block, who still own and run the company today, realized that there were few places to buy and sell used fashion.

Looking ahead 30 years, they created a business that would both provide employment and allow people to resell clothing rather than discard it.

Buffalo Exchange is a resale clothing and accessory store that sells gently used clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices.

Buffalo Exchange offers many types of clothing for both men and women, including jeans, dresses, tops and jackets. Shoppers can find items from some of their favorite brands such as Express, H&M and Urban Outfitters.

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The company’s website also offers a large selection of vintage items at great prices. You can find everything from wedding gowns to prom dresses on the site.

There are also many unique pieces like handbags and jewelry available for sale.

Buffalo Exchange is committed to providing a fun and easy shopping experience for customers of all ages.

We offer a wide selection of name brands and designer labels at affordable prices.

Our friendly staff members are knowledgeable about current trends in fashion and are always happy to help you find just what you’re looking for.

The NAICS codes for Buffalo Exchange are [44, 4481].

The SIC codes for Buffalo Exchange are [56, 562].

Who Is The Founder Of Buffalo Exchange?

Buffalo exchange
Buffalo exchange

In Tucson, Arizona, Kerstin and Spencer Block launched the first Buffalo Exchange in 1974.

Kerstin, a Swedish native, believed the word “Buffalo” sounded very American, and the name was born since they were introducing the concept of a trendy clothes “Exchange.”

Who Is The President Of Buffalo Exchange?

The President of Buffalo Exchange is Kerstin Block.

Who Is The Director Of Human Resources Of Buffalo Exchange?

Kate Goldman the Director of Human Resources of Buffalo Exchange.

Who Is The Marketing Director Of Buffalo Exchange?

Stephanie Lew is the Marketing Director.

What Is Buffalo Exchange Mission?

Their purpose is to lead the resale fashion business, offer a living wage for its employees, a fair return to its shareholders, and achieve long-term profitability by the following :

Being the most beneficial place for its customers to buy, sell and trade new and recycled clothing

1. Having a rewarding workplace.

2. Acting with integrity.

3. Being self-righting.

4. Functioning in a socially responsible manner.

5. Promoting fun and enjoyment.

My Review On Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange is one of my favorite places to buy and sell clothes. I’ve visited several locations on the west coast, and I’ve learned that the stores in Portland, Oakland, and LA are pretty different from each other.

I love how the stores give you trade credit or cash for your old clothes. You can also find unique vintage pieces there.

I’ve bought a couple of really nice pairs of jeans that lasted me for years.

Buffalo exchange is a buy and sell clothes and other stuff. They have a lot of different things that you can find at this store.

The prices are very cheap and they have discounts on some items. The workers are very nice and they help you find what you need.

I would recommend this place to anyone who needs something from there store because there are so many different things to choose from.

The prices are pretty reasonable and there’s no pressure to buy anything, but you can find some really good deals if you’re patient and willing to shop around.

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They have a ton of different sizes and styles of clothing, so it’s easy to find something that fits well and looks great on you.

If you’re looking for a new, affordable wardrobe option, Buffalo Exchange might be for you.

With its diverse stock of used clothing and accessories, there’s a good chance that you’ll find something that fits you well.

If you’re buying in-store, the clerks will also let you try things on and offer their opinions on whether something looks good on you.

If you don’t need as much advice or guidance, however, the website is a convenient way to browse Buffalo’s full collection—and it provides another incentive to visit the store since it has things that the site doesn’t (such as furniture).

You don’t need an appointment or anything like that, but it’s best if you call ahead just in case they don’t have someone available right away. If they do, then they’ll give you a specific time when they’ll call you back and let you know if they can come pick up your stuff or not.

You can also email them with questions about their business hours, pricing, etc., but they won’t respond by email very quickly because their employees are busy helping customers at their stores.

Buffalo exchange’s mission is to provide an alternative to the traditional retail experience by offering high quality clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

They offers one of the best selections of vintage and designer clothing, accessories and footwear in the country.

They also carry new items from local designers as well as contemporary brands from all over the world.

Final Thought.

To sum it up, the things that are most important are cost, selection, speed and simplicity. Profitability is not a real concern in this economy.

That’s not to say Buffalo Exchange isn’t profitable or that they aren’t actively trying to make their business as efficient as possible- they’ve been doing it for decades.

Businesses which don’t grow do not last. Businesses which cannot compete and adapt do not last.

Businesses which fail to provide value fail sooner than later.

There’s no telling what you might find when browsing the Buffalo Exchange catalog, as the store is filled with an eclectic mix of high-end designer finds and vintage gems.

The store’s relatively low prices are one of its biggest draws, but its unique selections also attract a wide variety of shoppers.

If you can accept the random nature of its inventory, it might be exactly what you’re looking for.

You can’t go wrong with them. Whether you’re thrifting on a budget or looking to pick up a designer piece, they are definitely worth checking out. It’s always great to see a business embracing the environment.

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