Best Guide On How To Learn Technical SEO.

The Millionaire Method: What the Rich Don’t Want You to Know

By Fekoya Jesuudamilola


Are you looking for more about your website? Is it time for you to update your website? If so then technical SEO services are the best option for you.

Understanding SEO.

Content marketing is an effective method to develop leads and generate sales. To make it succeed, it requires an effective strategy in which every component has to be in place.

SEO is a difficult art, to say the least. Unfortunately, countless businesses fail in their attempt to master it.

After all, it is a long tedious process that consists of refreshing and maintaining your online presence at all times so as to stay relevant. You don’t want to be one of the people who are clueless about the factors that affect seo. In this piece, we have demystified what you needs to know about SEO.

Seo is one such component that makes it possible to rank your website higher than your competitors.

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a process of trying to reach the top position on the list of results that appear when a user searches for a particular term. However, there are several other aspects of SEO, including quality content creation, which are equally important for the success of an SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation is a set of practices that help search engines sort the vast number of online contents into relevant and attractive results for relevant searchers.

SEO can be used for increasing the visibility of your website or content; and you must know how to make use of these practices to get better results. Knowing these would help you make intelligent decisions.

There are several reasons why one needs to do SEO. Read on as we give you details on the benefits you may get from doing technical SEO services.

What’s Technical SEO?

Technical SEO services unearth more about your website and help it to grow by expanding its presence in the web. If you are not happy with your website then you should adopt this SEO method to make it better.

SEO is not just a simple task but also a very important one. According to many experts, it contributes a lot to the success of a website and hence, it is one of the prime search phrases that would bring the whole website down.

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To make sure that your website gets a fair chance of being seen by a wider audience, it is essential that you do everything possible to get your website to the top.

Search engines like Google have made it easy for you, by giving relevant listings for certain keywords. When it comes to getting your website to the top, Technical SEO has all the answers.

Site Loading Speed

This is the time it takes for your site to load once it’s clicked on, the average time for a site to load is between 1-3seconds. A slow site increases bounce rate(people leaving your site halfway) and reduces SEO.
You can use Google pagespeed insite to know your website speed

How To Reduce Website Speed

  1. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) …
  2. Move your website to a better host. …
  3. Optimize the size of images on your website.
  4. Reduce the number of plugins.
  5. Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files.
  6. Use website caching.
  7. Implement Gzip Compression.

Ssl Certification.

There are times when you want to click on a website that your browser informs that the site isn’t secure, well this is either they don’t have an SSL Certificate, or it has expired or it wasn’t implemented properly.

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This affects because while some browser may still let you access the site others would block any form of access making the web owner loose the desired audience.

Find And Fix Crawl Error And Orphaned Pages.

Crawl Error.

Using GSC or site audit tools, you can check why your site wasn’t being crawled by Google bot.

Sometimes, it might be an error on the admin side or a plugin malfunction, but if a site can’t be crawled, there’s no how that site would be indexed for showing on search engine result page(SERP).

Orphaned Pages:

You need to check for stand alone pages that don’t have any other post similar to it.

If there’s no link leading to it except from the general blog link and there’s no link going out of it, then it’s an orphaned page that either needs to be deleted as it may not matter to your niche or write another post similar to it and link them up.

Pages like privacy policy should have internal linking. Most times it usually found in the homepage.

Identify Broken Links.

Broken links are links that lead to an error page. They come when a page has been deleted, there was a shift from http to https, the topic of the blog or website was changed.

To get rid of these if the page was bringing in audience, you need to redirect it to something similar or back to the former page.

Check Duplicate Version:

This happens when you have two same content on your site, it leads to confusion.

In this case one has to be deleted and redirected to the other one.

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Duplicate post can still be when you have the same or very similar contents on two different blogs, you can also follow the above step to correct it.

Yoast/Rankmath SEO Optimization.

For beginners in SEO using
Yoast, Rank maths SEO can act as a guiding tool to help them with their on page SEO.

These plugins are guiding tools and you may follow everything and your blog won’t still rank.

Theme And Plugin Customization And Minimizing Css And JavaScript Files:

This means optimizing them to reduce slow loading speed, deleting any unnecessary plugin, theme or code, updating plugins and theme to avoid any errors and all.

Website Backup:

This isn’t really part of SEO but it’s done to be on a safe side in case of a crash or anything.

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