Belk PS5: What You Need To Know

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I am a gamer. I am not a professional gamer, but I play games from time to time, so I have a little gaming history on me. I’ve had all of the PlayStations besides the ps. I’ve also had all the x boxes. I have Belk Ps5 sitting back here so without further ado, let’s go ahead and get this ps5 unboxing. Okay, so as you can tell, this is a bundle audition.

Belk ps5
Belk ps5

It comes with the ultimate launch edition for spider-man miles of Moralez 1 1 3 of PlayStation, now an extra controller, and of course, the system with one controller inside, so I’ll go ahead and give you guys a little spin here out of the box. I know that there is plenty of unboxing on this system already. Mine’s a little different, so I’m not gonna go into text specs, but this thing supports up the A K 4 k and 120 hertz in Hdr. All right, it’s going to this controller box, the dual sense wireless controller.
Google’s light-up action moves on to the big box.

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So here we have included a controller that is in the box.

Same as one that was separate, a little bit more light of action on this one power cord couple of instruction manuals. It has a stand that you can stand on its side or you can stand it up upright. The H D M I cable missed another cable.

All right now, pulling out the system. So there’s a little tabaret here.

You need to remove it first, so that way you can set up P S 5 vertically or on its side, there is a little compartment on the bottom of the stand. So the screw goes out and screws into there, and the little piece or cap goes back inside, so there’s that little cap. It was right at the top. Of course, I have to screw it out already, so when you put this on, you’ll put this back in the open position, the screw will go right through here and fit right on the bottom part of the PlayStation, and then you’ll. And that’s what that would look like when it’s installed.

Belk ps5
Belk ps5

So let’s take up these power cables.

The included HDMI cable.

In this cable here, I thought it was another HDMI cable.

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But I was wrong. This is actually for their controllers, wire them up to power them up for the first time or the charge. It’s good to get this thing set up. Here is the ultimate launch edition spider-man ma’s Moralez going to load that up.

Belk PS5 is one of the most amazing games I have ever played. It comes with the necessary accessory to make the installation easy. Are you ready to play some games? Go get your Belk PS5 now, and let’s get started.

If you find anything confusing, do not hesitate to seek clarification in the comment box.

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