How To Set Up Google Analytics

By Ifediogor Uche A father that sent his child to school would always want to know the performance of that child. Same goes to your bosses and employer’s in the office where you work. They would always carry out a proper audit to manage and monitor performances.  In any case going forward on your reports … Read more

Toxic Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship

By Ifediogor Uche Love is a beautiful thing. It is sweet at the same time might be bitter if not checked. Relationship is not always easy, and you and your partner won’t always get along. However, you should be sure to understand when things are going out the wire. No matter how we tend to … Read more

Letter To My Younger Self: About Change (Pt 2)

Here is a letter to my younger self about change part 2 Dear Uche! When you were a kid the future was different. A lot of things were  thought and said but the truth is that the world is constantly changing. Every seconds, everyday there is an end of today, raring and looking up for … Read more

The Human Society As An Organism

By Emenike Vincent Onyembi,   Functionalism is synonymous with organismic analogy. It pictures human society as a giant living organism composed of many structures which perform different functions that are integrated for the benefit of the entire organism. As humans, we have hands, legs, eyes, kidneys and other functional organs. It is the eyes that … Read more

Are We Ever Going To Democratize Health Care?

By Emenike Vincent Onyembi   We are wearing the masks because it is mandated by the government. That is the reason. At least for a majority of the people I have interacted with. It was never about protection for the larger percentage of the populace, myself included. This should not be shocking to anyone. Anyone … Read more

“NASS Jackpot And Our Docility”

By Emenike Vincent Onyembi   What can the people do? Change the constitution or electoral process? We have been raging about rape for the last few days, however, rage against appropriating money to renovating the National Assembly Complex at the expense of other critical and essentials structures and services can as well be focused on. … Read more

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