Airtel Night Plan : How To Activate Airtel Night Plan.

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Airtel Night Plan
Airtel Night Plan

Are you a night crawler? Are you looking for a cheaper way to browse and surf the internet at night, while doing your business?  Then airtel night plan is the real deal.

In this article today, we will be teaching you practical ways to activate your Airtel smart trybe night plan, but before then let’s take a look of what this Airtel night plan we are talking about is.

So let’s ride;

What Is Airtel Night Plan?

Airtel night plan is a plan that gives Airtel subscribers, especially those on the smart trybe tarrif plan to gain access to low tariff internet during midnight with small amount of money.

This night Airtel night plan can be accessed from 12 a.m midnight to in the morning.

Airtel night data plans has been one of the best and cheapest over the years. A large volume of data can be gotten at low price. This is one of the interesting benefits of choosing the Airtel night plan. More so, you can subscribe as many times as you like in a single night, as opposed to the MTN night plan, which only allows you to subscribe once every night.

You can use Airtel night data plan even when you on a daily data plan.

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What Is The Airtel Night Plan Code?

*312# is the Airtel night plan code. You can subscribe to Smart Trybe or, if you are already a subscriber, use the menu that allows you to select from among its many benefits by dialing the aforementioned code and follow the prompt.

How Can I Sign Up For The Airtel Night plan?

How does the Airtel Night plan work is a question that demands answer? However, to every problem, there is always a solution somewhere and when you get the right information, you are good to go.

Having said that, here is how the Airtel night plan work. To activate the Airtel night plan you have to do the following;

  • Airtel customers must first activate the plan by sending an SMS to 121.
  • You can also drop a missed call to 55555, or using the myAirtel app.

Note: Subscribers on 2G, 3G, and 4G can get the package.

Moreover,  you can only have access to this bundle if you are on  Airtel smart trybe package. If you are not you can migrate to it before you can gain access.

Now that we have known how to activate the Airtel night plan, let us take a look at how to activate the Airtel 1gb and #25 for 250MB. Follow me let’s ride.

How to Activate the Airtel 1GB and N25 for 250MB.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialing *312# then reply with 1,if you are not already on the plan.

  2. After a successful migration, dial *312# then follow the prompt to select any of the plan you want to use.

If it is 250MB do the following;
Reply 1 for 250MB for N25

If it is 1GB do the following:

Reply 2 for 1GB for N500 (Night Plan 12 am – 5 am)

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

Airtel has two unlimited night plan namely;

  1. Airtel 3hours unlimited plan

  2. Airtel 6hours unlimited plan.

However, you can subscribe to these Airtel unlimited night plan by dialing their different codes.

For Airtel 3hours unlimited night plan all you have to do is to dial 4812#. You can only subscribe to this if you #200Naira.

This plan’s subscription, however, expires 3 hours after purchasing.

The 6 hours unlimited plan, which costs 500 naira, is another unlimited option. Dial 4811# to subscribe to it.

Note: These unlimited plans are valid from 12 am to 6 am daily.

How to Check Airtel’s Night Data Balance

Here’s how to figure out how much data you’ve used on your Airtel Night plan.

At the moment the Airtel *140# USSD code can’t be used to check how much data is left on our Airtel SIM, but there is a simple trick you can use to execute this task. This has been working for me, therefore I would share it here.

Here’s how to do it:

1.Navigate to the phone’s settings.
2.Access data usage
3.Toggle the date to display from the time the subscription was completed. (This display of data statistics only shows data that you’ve utilized that day.)
4.Set a daily data limit and keep track of when you’ve achieved or surpassed it.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance On Android

Here is how to check Airtel data balance on Android on different bundle packages.

30MB- 1 day -100 naira- *410#
500MB- 14 days-500 naira – *418#
1.5GB-30 days-1000 naira- *496#
2GB -30 days-2000 naira- *438#
3GB- 30 days-3000 naira- *437#
4.5GB- 30 days- *439#

How To Renew Airtel Night Plan Data Package

To renew your Airtel night plan data package, all you need to do is to dial *312# and follow the prompt just as the way you used to subscribe. It’s as simple as that.

Does Airtel Offer Night Night YouTube Plan?

The answer to that question above is “Yes” Airtel offers YouTube night plan. This plan gives you free data to surf the internet at night on YouTube.

You can get this bonus data when you subscribe for the 6GB package of 1,500, which last seven days.

It will interest you to know that this subscription can be rolled over into another week if you have unused YouTube data that is not exhausted.

To ensure that your data is accumulated each time, you must re-subscribe before the week’s expiration.

The following are some reasonable plans that you can afford and their USSD codes that will allow you to make use of this bonus data for YouTube:

Weekly Plans:

750MB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦500/14 Days: . Dial 141500#

1GB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦500/7 Days: . Dial 141502#

Monthly Plans:

1.5GB + 2GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦1,000/30 Days. Dial 1411000#

2GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦1,200/30 Days. Dial 1411200#

3GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦1,500/30 Days. Dial 1411500#

4.5GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦2,000/30 Days. Dial 1412000#

6GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦2,500/30 Days. Dial 1412500#

10GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦3,000/30 Days. Dial 1413000#

11GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦4,000/30 Days. Dial 1414000#

Mega Plan:

20GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming for ₦5,000/30 Days. Dial 1415000#

How to Deactivate Airtel Night Plan.

Can I deactivate this night plan? Absolutely you can in a way if you choose to.

There is no known USSD code as of now to deactivate the night plan but their is a way to go about it if maybe you are not interested again.

However, you can as well deactivate this night plan by simply subscribing to another tariff Airtel package. Use the instructions below to switch to a different tariff plan:

• Dial 1215#
• Follow the instructions displayed on your screen.
• Select the new tariff plan of your choice.


Anything that has a beginning must also have an end as far as nature is concern. However, airtel night plan also has a validity period where you may not be able to continue using it. The validity period of this night plan is from 12:00 AM (Midnight) to 5:00 AM (Morning), meaning it is valid for 5 Hours.

Once this happens, your data bundle automatically expires and you won’t be able to use it again.

It is worthy of note that you cannot transfer Airtel night plan bundle. At the moment their is no such available option to do that.

If this blog post on how Airtel night plan has been useful to you, please feel free to share.

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