9 Types Of People You Should Not Date

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Life already has its own problem, however adding some problems that we could easily avoid makes life very difficult.

On daily basis we meet new people, we make friends and get close to people. Yes, everyday you get to meet loads of people that you could actually develop an interest in a relationship with.

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Consequently, in every relationship one can never be too careful, however you have got to guide yourself so you won’t run into a nutcase.

Having said that, not all that glitters are gold. Certain relationship should not be proceeded because it can leave you dissatisfied, frustrated and may affect your mental health. However, nobody is perfect, everyone has got their own shits but there are some certain red flags you should not fail to look out when you are dating.

Prevention they said is better than cure, so here are we have put together 9 types of people you should not date.

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1. Gold Digger.

Avoid a girl who naturally  is not attracted  to you. She does not have one any feelings for you, no string, all she’s attracted to is your money, your wealth. She doesn’t  care about anything else about you but your money, the expensive thing you can buy her, expensive places you can take her to. These kind of lady’s  are desperate, they can pounce on any opportunity to prey on guys, get to your wealth and milk you dry.

2. The Abusive Once.

Eschew from any man or woman that would slander you physically, emotional and verbally. Degrade you and make you feel you are nothing, using foul words on you. This is not good for your mental health.

3.The Perfect Ones.

These kind of people  believe  they don’t have fault at all. Everything that goes wrong is your own fault and not theirs. They don’t and can never own up to a fault. They are never wrong in their very own eyes. This kind of people would gaslight you. Even when they are at fault you would be the one to say sorry for their own wrong doings and accept that you are the one at fault.

These kind of people uses reverse psychology. They are not good for you. It’s a big red flag

4. People That Manipulate You.

Manipulation is the new form of love these days. These kind of people can boss your life around at any given  time or opportunity. They control you, dictate and make you feel less at the end leaving you unhappy.

5. The Ones That Are Not Committed.

Relationship is not built on mere words and feelings, it goes beyond that. Any relationship that involves catching  feelings only will not stand the test of time.

Remember, sometimes love is not just enough. If love is not enough, then feelings can’t even go a long way. How about when the feelings is off in some days or cases.? Would you be able to understand your partner and wield  through. This is where commitment is very important. When you both understand what commitment is you can keep your relationship going forward.

6. The Ones That Lack Communication.

People give priority to what is important  to them. In relationship somethings are optional and others are compulsory. In relationships communication has no substitute.

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If you mean that someone loves you, you would make out time no matter what to reach out. You cannot have a smooth relationship without effective communication.

7.People  That  Hardly Or Never Text/Call you.

Never date someone you are not part of their schedule. People who will not call you, text you. These kind of people will never make effort to reach out to you. They  always claim being  “super busy”. Too busy to answer your calls or return your messages.

8. The Players.

Don’t  make your life a living hell by dating a player. These kind of people never take you serious, they are fond of mind games. You should know that you are just one of his many girls. They can even flirt around with other people in your present. Avoid these kind of people.

9. People That Make You Feel They Are Doing You A Favour By Dating You.

Relationship should be about love and values. Someone who loves you will not make you feel they are doing you a favour by accepting to date you.

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In a relationship  and every friendship you should no when to let go. Never ignore  the early red flags all in the name of love.  However, don’t date people that feel they are all in all in the relationship. These kind of people will not give room for you to contribute meaningful ideas. They feel they are the alpha and omega. Your opinion doesn’t matter or count. Always dictating and never give room for you to say a thing in the relationship.

Now, that you have seen the 9 types of people you should not date, in your journey to relationship watch out these red flags to avoid dating the wrong person and getting frustrated along the line.

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