9 Qualities Every Man Wants In A Woman

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By Ifediogor Uche 


There is no denying that a woman’s look can draw a man’s  attention. A man may love your physical appearance, but it goes beyond that. I always affirm to this “Talent is never enough”. In this case beauty is not just enough. It is not just enough to be beautiful. There are other qualities a man desire when it comes to women.  Men like every other humans have some things that they would love and appreciate about their woman. The question is will physical attraction be the goal. Is relationship built on physical appearance alone. If it does how long will a relationship built on just physical appearance last?

This brings us to the subject of discourse. It behoves me to say that not only women have high taste in a man. It is quite debatable that generally every man has a different choice when it comes to women. We all have our different high taste. It could be as a results of the bars and standard we have set aside or the values we place on every relationship. Notwithstanding, the truth of life is among those general properties there is always a thing that draws a man to a woman, that makes him feel comfortable with her. What are those things that  draws a man to a woman apart from her beauty?

Here we will talk about the 9 qualities other than physical beauty that a man want in a woman.  These invaluable things and qualities are as follows .

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1.She’s not toxic

Beauty is always complete when it comes from the inside. What you have inside reflects who you are.

Toxic behaviors has become rampant in our society today. Individuals have adopted this ugly lifestyle to their own detriment and the detriment of others.

In a relationship every man would want a partner who is not toxic in nature.It is obvious that everyone want a good and healthy relationship. Nobody wants to make mistakes in a relationship or go through it frustrated with a partner who is toxic. Toxic people produces negative vibes.


Being comfortable in ones skin is very important. Being confident in who you are, yourself, your body. Men loves women who are confident and can as well take initiatives.

3. Shares of dreams and goals.

The truth is that we all have our dreams and goals as an individual. We all want to pursue or dreams, accomplish our goals and be successful.

In as much as relationship shouldn’t stand in the way of our own person goals and dreams, we should always support and share the goals of our partners. But to avoid conflicts, your plans should align.

Every man loves a woman who will share his dreams, goals with. You may not necessary have same dreams but at least there should be a point of alignment even if your goals as a person are totally different.

If you are looking for a woman of your dreams then you must check out this quality. A woman who will supports your goals and pursues her own.


There’s no beating around the bush, nobody finds being rude attractive. On a lighter note men love to be respected just as every one want. This goes both ways for both genders. Relationships are meant to be respected too.

No matter who you are every one wants to be respected. However, what men don’t like is when women constantly disregard them or belittle them that makes fun of them. Every man wants a woman who is cool headed, down to earth. This is the type of woman that men want to be around.


Every man gets to an age or comes to a point in life where love, romance should be guided with trust and commitment. Therefore, finding a long-lasting relationship that is built on trust and commitment  feels more important than just flings and romances.

Trust is a foundational aspect of a healthy relationship. When you’re building a relationship with someone, one of the fundamental trait is trust.

The ability of a woman to be trusted by a man is an added advantage. It is very important in a healthy relationship. A man would want woman who he can count on, trust, a woman who when she is not there gives him every benefit of doubt to trust her that she isn’t doing the wrong thing at your back .

6. Intelligence.

We cannot argue the fact that physical appearance is one big factor to a man in a relationship. However, a healthy relationship is more than settling on just facial appearance. What is the point of beauty without brains?

Generally, men love smart women. Women who can hold up reasonable conversation, share ideas, and making wise decisions. To be truthful, men want Women who can think for themselves. Who think critically, good sense of reasoning and judgment. A man will feel so empowered when he knows that his woman is insightful. But don’t get it twisted, a woman mustn’t be a graduate to possess this quality. Intelligence only shows that you can use your senses right. It shows that you have common sense, which in nature is not common.

7. Honesty.

In as much as,  more often than not men focuses on looks and appearance of a woman. However, the bitter truth is that men also sees beyond that one quality.

No man will be comfortable around a woman who tell lies at every given opportunity. Men are appealed by honesty and are reppelled by lies. We appreciate it a lot. Like moths to flame, honesty attracts a man to a woman.

A woman who when is not there gives you every benefit of doubt to trust her that she isn’t doing the wrong thing at your back .

8. God-fearing

Every man desires a woman who has the fear of God in her. A peaceful, loving and caring woman.

9. Good Cook

There is a saying that says a way to a man’s heart is through food. Yes, men love food, not just food but good food. Every man wants a woman that possess such culinary skills. A woman that knows how to cook.

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