5 Best Alarm Companies Near Me

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When you hear the word alarm companies what comes to your mind? Thought about companies that profers solution to theft?  Or some random thoughts? Well your guess may be good as mine, therefore in this blog post we are going to look at the 5 best alarm companies.

Burglary is rapidly increasing in this country, it is so rampant, that it has become a too familiar scene. Hence, increasing the need for security in our homes or workplaces.
Having an effective anti-theft device in place offers many benefits, it warns us if someone is trying to tamper with our system, or scares a thief away, if he is trying to get inside the building especially in the night. This is where the services of the alarm companies comes into play.

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In this guide, i will explain what alert security companies are all about and list the best in your locality to safeguard your home, protect your family, your company or workplace and also help you identify which suits your better.

What Is Alarm Security Company?

The alarm security companies are the security sector linked to the protection of offices, homes or any building, with counter mechanisms built to prevent theft or invasion. These alarm companies designs security alarm system to detect unauthorized entry, into a building. There are few companies in Nigeria that are really invested in this sector of security.

How To Choose An Alarm System?

If you want to purchase an alarm system, it is advisable to acquire the services of a professional but generally here are things you need to assess. Obviously, to find the best model and brand of security alarms system, you must always consider this factors first .
– Size of your home
– Rooms in the house
– Finance

Features Of Intrusion Detection.

Here are some features to be considered when choosing a great intrusion detection systems.


Some kits are very simple to install but there simplistic assemble manner, sometimes makes it ineffective if the thief is prepared to deactivate them. Regardless, they can be a good choice for small homes, but are not recommended in larger locations such as businesses where the attacker comes prepared.


You would have to decide whether to, choose a model with a wire connection that does not need much maintenance and has no problems with regard to interference or a wireless model where you just place the sensors near the areas to be controlled.

Remote Accessibility.

To make your alarm system top notch, the systems has to posses the ability to be managed remotely. If the alarm is activated and you are not at home, you will be notified via an SMS or phone call directly to your phone and you can also remotely manage the ” switching the system on or off.


These alarm systems can be integrated with home automation to expand the range of functions. The most advanced systems can also be integrated with video cameras, fingerprint detectors and biometric scanners. The most important thing to keep in mind if you decide to buy an anti-intrusion system is to find the areas most at risk in your home, where intrusion can occur, such as the entrance gate, doors or windows.

Availability Of Intervention Unit.

It is also possible to integrate the burglar alarms to an operations center such as private security to send the alarm signal directly to a rescue center. Should you be the victim of intrusion or tampering with the system, a warning signal will be sent to the control unit (active 24 hours a day) from where the police will then be notified, and carry out a check and notify you immediately.

Adaptability To Pets If You Have Any.

The last feature of these devices is the ability to detect pets, thus avoiding the siren to sound if our 4-legged friend decides to go around the house right after activating the siren. Consult the manual and data sheet before purchasing to be sure this feature is present if you have pets.

Best Brands And Manufacturers Of Security Alarm Devices In Your Locality.

The best brands or alarm companies currently on the market are the ones you will find below, obviously each user will have their own preference according to their experiences and opinions but we have made available the companies that have received the best reviews. Therefore, here are the 5 best alarm companies near me.

1. G4s:

This is a security alarm company that deals in many services, consigning the protection of buildings from Intruders with defense mechanisms, from perimeter to turnstiles defenses. G4s provides the right products to meet the needs of their clients and on their budgets to ensure satisfaction. They also make sure the security system can be locally supported after installation. G4s is Located in Lagos ikeja.

Address: 7th floor, etiebets place 21-22 mobolaji bank Anthony way.

2. Bludel:

This is a security alarm company that provides electronics and technical security solutions to protect businesses and homes in Nigeria, they are equipped with robust software driven security system that ensures that security threats don’t reach their clients. One of their advanced security mechanism is fogsecure which is designed to attack an intruders sight consciousness and sense of hearing. Bludel is located at Lagos island.

Address: 6th floor, Re-insurance house 46 marina.

3. Trivest Technologies Limited:

This is the Nigeria leading security alarm company, established in 2001, hence trivest has been around for a while. They specialize in providing security system solutions to clients ensuring their safety, trivest is highly recommended, given that they have been in the security sector for over a decade. Trivest is located in Anthony village 100232 Lagos.

Address: 11B primate bode Adejobi street.

4. Alarm Center Limited:

This is a security alarm company in Nigeria that provides great security solutions for the safety of their clients and their properties, they also connect with the local police in response to any of their clients request. This professional security establishment engineers it’s configurations and maintain all it’s safety systems. Alarm Center limited is located in lekki phase 1 Lagos.

Address: plot 5 House 4 African lane off Admiralty way.

5. Sheriff Deputies:

This security alarm company offers a wild range of security products to meet the security needs of their clients, they also provide outstanding support to their clients during all phases of the security project to ensure that the clients are equipped with the basic knowledge to operate and manage the security system effectivetly. Sheriff deputies is located in Gbagada Lagos.

Address: 49 Ayodele Okeowo street opposite Gospel Apostolic church soluyi.


Regardless of your location all this alarm companies provides services nation wide.
The quality of the components with which a system is assembled, greatly affects both the price and the effectiveness of the device, but correctly managing it after installation is very important to ensure the proper functioning of the systems.

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