2013 VW Passat: Everything You Should Know

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What Is 2013 VW Passat?

The 2013 vw passat is the 7th generation of Volkswagen Passat, this car is not exotic but every panel on this model has been upgraded compared to the previous models, which is not necessary a bad thing given that the older version was still a great car. With that in mind let’s unravel this model and put everything in plain sight.

The interior posseses everything you would expect in a modern car, though it is quite simplistic but everything is of high quality and undeniably exceptional.

Generally, this is a very sharp and clean car and it makes long journey comfortable. You probably can’t wait to be at the steering wheel of this beauty and rightly so.

2013 vw passat
2013 vw passat

Technical Features Of Vw Passat 2013.

Here are some technical features of Vw Passat 2013.


Type: Sedan 4 doors, 5 seats
Fuel tank: 31 liters approx.


Power supply: petrol or methane (gas approved by the manufacturer)
Displacement: 4 cylinders, 1395 cc., Supercharged
Max power / speed: 110 kW at 5500 rpm
Max torque / speed: 220 Nm at 1500 rpm
Drive / Gearbox: 6-speed front / manual (7-speed sequential).


Max speed: 210 Km / h
Acceleration 0-100km / h: 9.8 sec.
Anti-pollution homologation:
CO2 emissions: 177 g / Km
CNG system:
Type of installation: Bivalent (Methane + Petrol)
Type of system: Phased Sequential
CNG tank: approx. 23 Kg.

Cylinder positioning:

Three cylinders positioned under the floor of the trunk, 1 of 35 Lt., 1 of 42 Lt. and 1 of 54 Lt. (total 131 Lt.)
Cylinder manufacturer brand: Faber
Cylinder approval: ECE / ONU R110, type CNG-1


CNG combined cycle: 4.3 kg / 100 km
Petrol combined cycle: 7.2 (6.8) l / 100 km

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Just like every Volkswagen model, the Vw Passat 2013 sticks to basics in term of designs, that is probably why some people will agure that the Vw Passat 2013 is a little bit old school but the Vw 2013 makes up for what it lacks in style in practicality as it has a massive boot, a foldable chair and an impressive engine, which means that it has a strong backbone in the market, and the spare parts are vastly available for replacements.

Other detailed descriptions.

– Dashboard And Controls.

The passenger compartment of the Vw Passat 2013 is spacious, and endowed by very precise assemblies that give an immediate feeling of quality and strength. A car of this price and quality differs and stands out in the market place for it’s uniqueness. The speedometer, fuel gauge, turn indicators, and other instruments are elegantly assembled in the dashboard and are fully effective.

– Capacity.

Five passengers is the least this car can accommodate easily, as it is a small family car. However, it is still possible to fit in a sixth passenger in the center of the sofa but due to the raised and rigid seat and the rather bulky and angular tunnel. It can be uncomfortable.

– Size.

With the cars length close to five meters, it is ideal for city life, the Vw Passat 2013 certainly does not occupy much space, and the steering is quite firm and direct and the presence of the front and rear parking sensors reduces the effort of turning the steering wheel constantly while parking. Due to it’s medium size it is quite easy to maintain.

– Durable.

Grinding kilometers is easy and pleasant, the car is very stable and has an efficient cruise control. On the other hand, at 130 km / h the engine “trots” quiet and silent at only 2200 rpm, contenting itself with little fuel, hence you can drive 16.1 km with a liter of diesel. Autonomy is also excellent, taking full advantage to the last drop.

– Comfort

Silent even at motorway speeds, with electronically controlled suspensions (optional). It does not cause annoying jolts on bumpy roads and can withstand long hours of driving without overheating.

– Consumption.

In relation to the brilliant performance and the considerable tonnage, the petrol Consumption is rather low as you can travel 15.4 km with a liter of diesel.

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Vw Passat 2013 Safety Tips.

The following are the vw passat 2013 safety tips:

1. Batteries Last 3 Years.

With all the electronics running in a Vw Passat 2013, the car relies on the battery to run and when the battery is weak, all the current going through your car can really cause serious electronic issues, to prevent this, it is best to change your battery every three years.

2. Don’t Run Down Your Fuel To Empty.

Most drivers don’t really pay attention to this but it is a pump killer, never on conscious run out of fuel, especially when on a road trip, you could get carried away, so it is advisable to drive with a full tank when on road trips. This is much better than paying 15,000 for a replacement.

3. Change The Transmission Fluid.

This is really essential, if you can change your car fluids by yourself do it once in a while, but if you can’t change it, take it to a mechanic because overtime little bits of dirt gets stuck in your car’s oil transmission path.

4. Get A Spare Tyre.

The Vw Passat 2013 doesn’t come with a spare tyre, hence it is necessary to buy one, but some drivers still ignore this. When driving on a flat tyre you don’t just risk damaging the tyre but you also risk losing control of your vehicle.

5. Wash Your Car.

It is not a rocket science, wash your car’s engine and exterior regularly to get rid of dirts, some drivers just wash the car’s exterior ignoring the engine but dirt can cause rust and that is definitely something you don’t want.


Vw Passat 2013 comes in a varieties of colors and engine models. This car offers obvious benefits of added comfort and Volkswagen brand is popular for it’s built quality, reliability and safety measures. This is a really quality car to buy, especially for car flippers, as this is an affordable choice given that a brand new one is currently at 7 million naira. The price can be higher or lower depending on your location and the dealer, but it is worth every single penny.

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