15 Morning Workout Routine To Build Muscles

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A good morning workout routine helps to maintain physical fitness and is essential for proper development of muscle mass. My coach always say that “you are what you eat” and it is important to increase your calorie intake if this is to work.

Here are series of exercises that can be done in the morning, 10 minutes daily. To enable us develop muscle mass in the arms, chest, back, shoulders, abdomen and legs, you need to carry out some daily workout routine every morning. So, you can warm up, do this 10 minute routine and then go for a run. It is short, effective and designed to help you build muscle throughout the body.

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Here is the 30-20-10 workout consisting of 15 exercises that you can do at home in 10 minutes :

Push-ups — 30 seconds
Pike Push-ups — 20 seconds
Plank ups — 10 seconds

Rest: 30 seconds

Jump Squat — 30 seconds
Body weight squat — 20 seconds
Steam engine — 10 seconds

Skipping— 30 seconds

Rest : 30 seconds

Bridges — 30 seconds
Crunches — 20 seconds
Plank — 10 seconds

Rest: 30 seconds

Jumping jacks — 30 seconds
Calf raises — 20 seconds
Toe touch — 10 seconds

Rest: 30 seconds

Run — 30 seconds
Jogging — 20 seconds
Walk — 10 seconds

Rest: 30 seconds 

Repeat until completion of 2 sets.

How To Do These 15 Exercises To Build Muscle Correctly.

The exercise is executed in three steps at a time. It is designed to build muscle structure throughout the body. I am aware that you may not be familiar with some, so I will explain how to properly execute some of them. It may be difficult, but nothing good comes easy.

So, these are the morning workout routine.

1. Pike Push-Ups.

Morning workout routine
Morning workout routine

This is done by assuming a push up position and elevating your lower back then push your weight up and down.

2. Plank.

This is done by basically holding a push up position, with your arm stretched out in front of you slightly further than your shoulder, with your belly and knees not touching the ground and your head on a straight line with your shoulder.

3. Plank Ups.

Morning workout routine
Morning workout routine

This is done by holding a push up position, with your hands, hip and knees in an upwards position as high as they can go, then hold that position as long as you can.

4. Jump Squat.

This is basically jumping and squatting as you descend then jump again from that squatting position, repeat it over and over.

5. Body Weight Squats.

Morning workout routine
Morning workout routine

Bend your legs and your body weight should be on your heels. When the execution is correct, the effort is concentrated on our quadriceps.

6. Steam Engine.

Morning workout routine
Morning workout routine

This is done by standing straight and raising your knee close to your face one at a time.

7. Bridges.

This is done by laying down with your shoulder and upper back, your toes on the ground and elevating and leveling your lower back repeatedly.


Morning workout routine
Morning workout routine

Lay down on your lower back keeping your toes on the ground with both your hands behind your head then push just your head forward and backwards repeatedly.

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9. Jumping Jacks.

This is done by standing straight, stretching both hands by your sides, jump and spread your legs and hands outwards at the same time you land, jump again, close up your outstretched hands and legs as you land and repeat.

10. Calf raises.

This is simply what the name suggests,  raising your calf, if you do it correctly you would almost be standing on your toes. It is simple but help reduce tension on your ankle. To make it more effective hold heavy objects in your hands as you tiptoe.

11. Skipping.

This is done with the help of a rope, you spin the rope forward over your head and down to your feet jumping as it gets close to your leg. Repeat as much as you can

12.Toe Touch.

This is basically spreading both you legs and touching your toe with your fingers.

13. Run.

Just a few meters will do, much like a Sprint forward

14. Walk.

Taking a walk during your break is much better than sitting around every 1 minute.

15. Jogging.

This is basically a slow pace run with no speed focusing more on each stride as you move.

Finally, these 15 morning work out routine to build muscle will in no doubt give you your desire result if you stay committed to the course. It will help you stay fit and healthy.

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