15 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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Interested in finding out a good healthy breakfast recipes that would set you kicking for the rest of the day? You are in the right place. You can always start your day right with these recipes we would be listing out here-from savory, sweet and light meals.

15 healthy Breakfast Recipes

A good breakfast provides the right energy level to perform our daily activities, stay focused and make it to lunch without the need for other snacks.

Hence, it is important to pay attention to what we eat before starting our day as it could determine how smooth the day goes.

However, we’ve got you covered with some healthy breakfast recipes. Here are 15 healthy and easy to prepare breakfasts from which to take inspiration. These recipes are quick and easy to make.

Try these 15 healthy breakfast recipes

1. Macaroni

This is really easy to prepare, 20 minutes at most and it is very tasty, if your are a pasta fan you should really try this.

Ingredients: Tomato paste, vegetables oil, pepper, onion, Maggie cube, salt, thyme, spices, fish or meat.

2. Fried Egg And Bread

This doesn’t take much time but is very efficient and nutritious.
Ingredients: egg, bread, salt, vegetable oil, papper and onion to taste.

3. Bread, Akara And Pap

This three items can be purchased, which makes it a ready made delicacy that goes well with liquid milk and honey or sugar to taste.

4. Bread, Sardine And Milk

This is my favorite, not only does it contain essential nutrients, it is so tasty that i guarantee, you won’t want to share. Prepare by mixing liquid milk with the sardine preferably titains and use like a sauce with the bread.

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5. Tea With Either Bread or Biscuit

Warm or cold water can be used to mix both the tea and milk, the option of bread or biscuit is up to you.

6. Golden Morn (Cereals)

This is a popular cereal among Nigerians and for good reasons, it is very tasty and satisfying. Mixing it well with milk will give you a very good taste.

7. Cornflakes: (Cereals)

This is also another neck twister that goes well with cold milk. Very sweet and appetizing.Try it and you will testify.

8. Pancake And Yogurt

This is a great Nigerian delicacy when prepared properly, serve with chilled yogurt for maximum satisfaction.

Ingredients: All purpose flour, evaporated milk, sugar, eggs, salt, pepper, Vegetable oil, onions (optional).

9. Fried Potato And Egg Sauce

This is as nutritious as they come and it contains a lot of calories needed to perform at a peak level.

Ingredients: Potatoes, egg, vegitable oil, salt, Maggie cube, tomatoes, papper, thyme, curry, spices, onions.

10. Spaghetti

This is easy to prepare but really delicious and if you are one of those people that turns everything into jollof… like my uncle, you should really try this.

Ingredients: Spaghetti, tomato paste, salt, vegetables oil, curry powder, Maggie cube, pepper, spices, fish or meat, vegetables (optional).

11. Yam Porridge

The secret to making a good pot of yam porridge is your personal touch. For me, it is utazi and spices but if you’re brave enough you could add tomato paste and comment below how it turned out.

Ingredients: Yam, crayfish, salt, vegetable(pumpkin), palm oil, pepper, Maggie cubes, onions, fish.

12. Plantain Porridge

Unripe plantain porridge is a delicious plantain recipe, very easy to make, super tasty and a good alternative to yam porridge, given that it is rich in iron.

Ingredients: Unriped plantain, salt, palm oil, crayfish, Maggie cubes, onions, pepper, meat or fish (optional).

13. Beans

This is one of my favorite food, that can be paired with a variety of other food products though i prefer mine with bread or granulated cassava, but for breakfast it goes better with bread. Other persons would also prefer theirs with plantain, pap, custard etc.
Ingredients: Beans, salt, Maggie cubes, onions, pepper, palm oil, crayfish, dryfish.

14. Jellof Rice

Jollof Rice, African flavored rice with tomatoes, peppers, and lots of seasonings, you could eat this all day and still not be satisfied.
Ingredients: Rice, tomatoes, Maggie cubes, papper, fish or meat, onions, spices, vegetables oils, crayfish.

15. Boiled Yam And Sauce

This is simply boiled yam served with palm oil, pepper and ukpaka may be added to the oil for taste.This is a well known cuisine. You could also use egg sauce or vegetable to compliment this.

Ingredients: Yam, onion, crayfish, salt, palm oil, pepper, tomatoes, egg, vegetables.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, breakfast shouldn’t be skipped or left behind, regardless of the crazy morning rush, our tight and busy schedule.

We should make out time to eat breakfast, not just anything but a healthy breakfast that can set the tone of our body for the remainder of the day. However, a healthy breakfast should consist of a good source of protein rich food, carbohydrates.

This list of 15 quick healthy breakfast recipes will in no doubt serve you right. When everywhere is choked, you can wake up as early before time to prepare your breakfast, whip up something fast.

So, stop skipping breakfast. Get your morning started on the right foot and fire up with a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast is the catalyst you need to start your day.

But regardless of what you have for breakfast don’t overfeed so you can feel free to go about your daily activities.

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