10 Signs You’re Not In Love Anymore

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10 Signs You’re Not In Love Anymore

Are you still in love with your partner or are there signs you’re not in love anymore? This can happen in any relationship, even if you’re married or have been together for a long time.

Signs You're Not In Love Anymore
Signs You’re Not In Love Anymore

Humans are very complicated and it’s no surprise that sometimes we stop falling in love with the person we used to care about.

Sometimes you may be in a relationship with someone and feel like you are not in love with them. You may feel like you’re falling out of love because the relationship has become monotonous, or it could be something your partner is doing that’s making you feel this way. Or you have both lost that touch of love that bonded you.

You were in love with your partner, but now you feel that something has changed. Maybe you do not feel the same passion, or maybe you have noticed that your partner is not as attentive as before and as if you were losing interest in him/her.

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If you’re in a relationship, there will be times when you’ll wonder whether you’re still in love with your partner, or if it’s just a habit. But how can you tell for sure?

The truth is that at some point many of us are going through this situation: when we realize that we are no longer in love with our partner, or with whom we thought it was the love of our life. What happened?

Whatever the reasons are, mynaijalite has compiled a list of signs to show that you are not in love anymore.

You will find below reasons why many couples lose interest in a relationship. Here are 10 signs you’re not in love anymore.

1. You Are Too Busy For Your Relationship And Don’t Prioritize It Enough

People in unhappy relationships often try to justify a lack of love by blaming their situation on external factors, such as lifestyle, work or family. They may say things like: “We’re too busy to have any fun” or “We don’t have the money to travel.”

But if you really examine your relationship, you will find that all these reasons are just excuses, which keep you stuck and unhappy.

2. You Are Not Attracted To Him/Her Anymore

We know now that attraction is not an accident; there is a reason why we are attracted to some people and not to others. It’s because they provide us with what we need.

When you first start dating a person, you are in love with them, you are attracted to them. You feel drawn to their eyes, their smile, the way they smell. But as time passes, the intensity of this feeling often fades away when you begin to fall out of love.

When you are not attracted to him or her anymore, the butterflies are gone.

3. You Feel Disconnected

Signs You're Not In Love Anymore
Signs You’re Not In Love Anymore

You don’t feel understood or seen by your partner. You might even start imagining yourself with someone else – someone who’s more considerate, more successful or simply more exciting than your current partner. You wish you could fall back.

4. You Don’t Feel Supported

Love is choosing to be with someone because you love them or want to build a future with them. You cherish the moments you spend together because your life is better when they are around and you support each other in every little way.

However, when things don’t go well in your relationship and you’re not happy anymore, it can be a sign to determine that you are not being supported.

You don’t feel supported or accepted for who you are, and instead, you feel criticized and judged by your partner.

5. You Are Dealing With Your Own Issues

Your past can have a significant impact on your present relationships.

If you haven’t done the necessary work of healing from past hurts, they will inevitably resurface in ways that make it difficult for you to be fully present in your relationship.

6. You Believe Your Partner Is Responsible For How You Feel About Yourself

When we rely on our partners to define how valuable we are as a person, we create an overwhelming burden for them that can lead to resentment and frustration when they fall short of unrealistic expectations.

7. Your Needs Are Not Being Met

Signs You're Not In Love Anymore
Signs You’re Not In Love Anymore

When your needs are not being met by your partner in a relationship, you may feel frustrated and disappointed with the relationship and take it out on your partner by complaining a lot or becoming critical and negative towards him or her.

8. Lack Of Communication

Communication is always a key factor in a relationship. It is one of the pillars that holds a relationship. The foundation of a relationship is also traced to communicate.

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When one party try every possible means to communicate but the significant other blot it out with no desire to hear from him or her, then it’s a sign you’re not in love anymore.

So, if you begin to lose interest in communicating with your partner, your communication skills become poor and create misunderstandings instead of clarity, then it’s a very clear signal that you are not in love anymore.

9. You Start To Notice Your Partner’s Shortcomings

When you are in love you can always find a way to cover your significant other shortcomings without any qualms. But when you are giving up on the relationship you can recognize the signs you’re not in love anymore if your partners shortcomings which wasn’t a big deal or issue before now turns out to be a problem.

Instead of focusing on the positives about your partner you become too focused on what they aren’t doing right.

You get angry about the little things, like socks on the floor or their inability to cook, sweep, wash etc.

You feel irritated, hurt or overwhelmed by your partner’s annoying habits or bad behavior. In short everything your partner does irritates you.

When you talk to your partner about these things, he or she acts indifferent or defensive. Your partner seems unable to change for better – or even for worse – no matter how hard you try.

10. You Feel You Are Not Appreciated

You have probably fallen into the trap of falling out of love with the person for whom you fell in love because you feel you are not being appreciated.

We often become so obsessed with changing our partners that we fail to appreciate them for who they really are and the little things they have done in our life.

One of the signs you’re no longer in love with your partner is, if you no longer appreciate them.

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