10 Profitable Beach Business Ideas

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Ever wonder about some profitable beach business ideas to set out? Well, this blog post is for you.

I’m somebody who had eight years of formal education at the university, and I was a civil engineer for six and a half years, and by far, that was the hardest time in my life.

Making money at the beach has been the best thing I’ve ever done, and it made the most sense.

Are you interested in making money at the beach? Let’s check out profitable beach business ideas. Below are my favorite 10 ways to make money on the beach.

1. Travel Blogging

10 profitable business idea; Travel blogging
10 profitable business idea; Travel blogging

Now I know you may have heard of the term blogging and being a blogger before, but, if you enjoy writing, social media, and photography, having a blogging cuisine are literally the dream travel job for you.

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What do most people do while they’re on vacation? They’re on their phone, reading travel blogs, trying to figure out things to do,  trying to figure out places to eat. And there are tons of traffic to these blogs, and there’s never too much competition.

There’s always room for you to start your travel blog. Now, at first, your blog will have 0 traffic, but eventually with hard work and dedication anywhere from six months to 12 months of posting on the blog, you can have a blog bringing in for you passively, anywhere from 10000 dollars a month. 20000 dollars a month.  So, if you’re not convinced yet, here are some fresh new ways that you may not have known on how to monetize your travel blog, so the first way is;

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  • Banner ads:

Now, we’ve all seen banner ads. They’re those little public, classy ads that go on a website that annoy you, but hey, you get paid for hosting people’s banners. On your blogs, they pay you to host their content.

  • A Twitter chat:

Once you have a lot of Twitter followers, you can host Twitter on your blog and people will contact you to host their Twitter chats. These typically pay around 300 dollars each and last approximately one hour.

2. Press Trip

Profitable beach business ideas-press trip
Profitable beach business ideas-press trip

Now, this is a trip where you get paid to travel somewhere around the world. A tour is important for a tour company to invite you to do their experiences and share your experiences on your blog. And they do this because your blog has a huge amount of traffic.

They want to share destinations with your audience. They want to get eyeballs to their destination so they can get more people. I mean, the deal will typically include flights,  transportation, food, and entertainment for the duration of the trip. Now, you could even be a blogger that doesn’t have a huge audience, yet.

3. Take Amazing Videos And Photos

Profitable business idea -Taking amazing photos & video
Profitable business idea -Taking amazing photos & videos

Taking amazing videos and photos is one of the profitable beach business ideas. If you have cool youtube videos on your blog and awesome pictures on your blog. These destination hotels and other resorts are going to want to pay you for them to either take your photos and use them on their website or for you to take photos for them so that they have a better content to promote their hotel or destination or resort, whatever it is.

4. Tour Guide.

Profitable beach business ideas-tour guide
Profitable beach business ideas-tour guide

Tour guide is another profitable beach business idea for you to make cool money. You may ask, how does this work?

Many people coming to the beach for the first time might not know their way around the beach. You can offer a tour to these people, show them around, and you charge an affordable amount of money.

5. Boat Rental.

Profitable beach business ideas-boat rental
Profitable beach business ideas-boat rental

People will like to try different kinds of fun-filled things such as riding a boat. People won’t come with a boat to the beach, you can get a boat and rent it out to people.

This is one of the profitable beach business ideas if you are desirous about making money at the beach.

6. Sell Fishing Product.

This is another profitable beach business idea. Many are coming to the beach for fishing.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and sell fishing products to them.

7. Bike Rentals.

Profitable beach business ideas-bike rentals
Profitable beach business ideas-bike rentals

People are coming to the beach for fun purposes, you can rent out your bike if you have one, and you will get a payment in return. You can make the renting per every 30 mins or 1hr interval.

8. Open A Gift Shop.

I can’t possibly go to the beach without having the intention of getting a gift.

Having a gift shop is a lucrative beach business idea, which you should venture into now.

9. Offer Training.

If you are highly skilled in some particular aspect, you can offer the training, at the beach. Reach out to people, and talk to them about it, and tell them the amount you charge for it.

10. Offer Your Service.

If you have some skills that are beneficial to human lives, you can offer the skills at the beach.

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Nowadays, It’s so easy to get paid from remote sources, and you no longer have to be at a physical location anymore, and if you believe in your heart, make this work. Then some of these possibilities may be for you now.

If you are wanting to look for remote work where you can actually remotely not have a permanent position in the US, kindly make use of the career websites that i found in my research for remote work, now what i like about the websites is that it matches you with something, a career you’re actually passionate about, so you can go head to the search bar and narrow it down by remote work. And the cool thing is, you can also narrow it down more by the industry you want, such as;

  • Marketing.
  • Public relations, stuff like that.

The staff at themuse.com take these positions very seriously, they even offer training and courses to prepare you to be the best candidate to get these jobs, so if that interests you head over to the news.

I can’t wait to make money on the beautiful beach on the topic of remote work, another website that I really love is called job espresso.

Now, i really like this website. You can post a resume. It’s free to use and the staff really takes their job listening seriously, so these positions and these listings are literally reviewed every day by the staff, and they change daily, so that’s good because that means more options for you.

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The other thing i know about job espresso is that they have a network of approximately 8000 remote Workers, so you know it’s like it. It started today on John’s breast, so poster resumes were free and they’ll help you showcase your resume to all different kinds of employers.

I wanted to talk to you guys about a job you can do, especially if you are bilingual. If you are bilingual, you have the event because there’s several different translations, jobs that you can do, and the first thing I wanted to tell you about was a website called gengo.com, so you could start translating.

It’s free to sign up and you could start making anywhere from 3 cents to 4 cents per word.

So, if you’re translating a blog, that’s one word, that’s easily a 30 to 40 dollars blog post, so talking about being bilingual, you also have the advantage.

If you are a freelancer and you are from Latin America or you are Portuguese because there is a website called work on W O R K A N A, and it is specifically for freelancers that are Latino and that are Hispanic or Portuguese. So, the competition is down, as opposed to all the other freelancing websites, you have the event because there’s no other countries on that website. It’s only designed, obviously, if you’re Hispanic. You can check out that website work on the website if you are a freelancer and you want a lot less competition.

You’re more than likely going to be able to bid for a job and get a job faster. Now, this website is free to sign up, you could start applying right away, continuing on the subject of remote work, you can head over to a website called authenticjobs.com and think of authenticjobs.com as a giant remote working blog that went absolutely viral.

I think of companies like Tesla, Nike, Apple and Facebook. All of these companies previously posted remote work job opportunities on this website, so clients are charged to post jobs on this website. And which means for you, the good news is it is totally free to sign up and start looking for job posts and start applying.

The only downside of this website is that majority of the jobs are for developers, but there are definitely opportunities for creators and designers on this website, so go ahead and check it out to continue right along.


These are the Profitable beach business ideas, which are going to skyrocket your earnings within a few periods. I hope you find this article on 10 profitable beach business ideas helpful.

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