10 Best Guide To Time Management

Most people think they have 24 hours in a day, but if you take 6/7 hours of sleep off the 24 hours you would be getting 18/17 hours a day. And considering how many hours we spend checking social media, on transportation and socializing, at most, we have eight hours a day left for other things. This article will help you make the most of your time, and avoid overwhelming yourself, learning to work with limited time.

Time management is all about budgeting our hours and using them wisely to live a life full of fulfillments and still maintain balance. However, below are some best time management guide that will help you in your daily activities:

1. Find Out How You Spend Your Hours.

Many people can’t really account for what they did in a day, inability to find hours to exercise, work on a side hustle, or just relax. We need to investigate where our time is going to solve our time management problem, find wasted hours and channel them into useful efforts.

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2. Complete A Time Check.

Set a timer for every hour, when the timer goes off reset it and write down what you did in the past hour. Be honest with your recording for efficiency. If you were on social media write it down and continue with your day. At the end of the day analysis the data, how many hours you actually spent on work, personal care and other distractions, this will help you understand how you spend your time and improve.

3. Determine Your Priorities.

If you want to know your priorities, check how you spend your time. Maybe you thought football was your priority but when you check, it may have been days since you last went to the pitch. Focus on your most important goals. Prioritizing something means choosing it over others. So, go back to your time, check and look for activities that doesn’t correspond with your goal.

4. Make A List Of Steps Required To Achieve Your Goals.

Everyone has goals and most people are already familiar with the tasks needed to be executed for the realization of that dream. For instance, let say you want to be a footballer, you obviously know you’ve got to train as much as you can, keep a healthy diet, contact an agent among other important things, make a list with the steps as tasks.

5. Plan Ahead.

When we start our days without a plan, we tend not to be responsive. Instead of strategically bouncing from one task to another, we randomly check our inbox with every incoming message or focus on an urgent but unimportant task. The best solution for this is to plan ahead. Planning ahead is the major point of time management.

6. Create Your Time Budget.

A time budget has hourly limits. After writing down your priorities, give specific time to each of the tasks, considering the hourly rates on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the length of the task.

7. Make Use Of Coordination Tools.

With everything in place, put your time budget into action with the use of a planner by dividing your day into time phrases. Each time phrase is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task, or group of tasks, you can use a blank page of paper, a planner, a calendar, or a to-do list app or any coordination tool available. The most important thing is to give specific task a limited time phrase. It is an effective way to make better use of the hours you have.

8. Don’t Procrastinate.

Don’t move up tasks you ought to do today to tomorrow. Any postponed task will always lead to more procrastination, you will not carry out any of your tasks peacefully because you will constantly feel that time is shrinking.

9. Be Open To Flexibility Or Changes In Your Plans.

Your plans do not ensure a perfect day. Instead, it is a daily guide in the right direction and even if you finish a few minutes later, it is still better than not following a guideline at all.

10. Leave Room For Unexpected Tasks.

This is crucial for effective functioning of a plan, because they tend to pop up a lot, we cannot predict them, but we can surely try to contain them in a time phrase, so it doesn’t span out of control and disorganize our daily plans. Remember, the goal is not perfection, but awareness.

We hope this blog post 10 best time management guide will help you manage your time effectively and efficiently on daily basis. For more about time management, you can read our blog post 10 time management tips for teenagers. As a teenager this will guide you through on how to manage your time well without wasting it.

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